My neighbourhookd just got smaller

I opened my rebuilt Coker form last night and took it out today. I was back to holding onto the mail box for starts, and it took a few false starts to get used to it, but then - WOW! It’s like my other unis, but more. Hills are harder, but not something I won’t get used to. The problem is, the 1/2 mile loop around the neighbourhood isn’t going to work so well any more. The laps go by so fast! By the end of the session I freemounted (against all of my expectations when I first rolled the monster out) and did a final loop, cleaning the “killer” hill that has been a challenge. I’ll still enjoy a slow ride around on my 20" and 24", but I think I’m spoiled now. Nothing is for everyone, or course, and everyone has a favorite, but I’d recommend at least giving a Coker a spin if you can borrow one. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey neighbor! Congrats on the new Coker. I was just remarking earlier in another thread about borrowing a Coker before buying. I also mentioned how inadequate my neighborhood was for riding something so fast. I would love to try it out sometime, can’t believe you beat me to getting a Coker. I thought I was bad about buying new unis.

Congrats on your new Coker Randonneur!!!

I don’t have a Coker, but I do have a 29er. It is amazing how much faster you cruise on a big wheel. I went out for a little 30 minute ride today and had logged a little over 5 miles by the time I got home.

Do me a favor, when you and Bugman get together to ride, make sure he eats a big bucket of KFC, extra greasy, and has a 1/2 dozen KK donuts as dessert. Feed him good! He really needs to beef up before the end of the month. :smiley:

Again, congrats on your new ride. Isn’t it nice to still be a “kid” at heart? --chirokid–