My muni's complete! + my first muni ride...

It’s done! I’ve just got to get it painted and put a better seatpost clamp in it, but my muni’s complete! I can’t remember if I’ve said this or not yet, but at the moment I’m running a 24" x 1.5" - 1.75" tube in a 3" tyre. I got the 24" x 2.35" - 3" tubes that I ordered yesterday but haven’t put one in yet.

Yesterday was my first ever real muni ride and it was great! I’d gone once before down a simple firetrail on my 20" but this was much different.

The Track - ‘Jelly Bean’ on Mt. Cootha is the main track that I rode down yesterday. The track starts with a pretty steep but smooth, thin bit that made me realise hw much I need to build up the muscles in my legs. I’m riding on a Gazz with 150mm Profile cranks and was finding it hard to slow down. The next bit gets a bit rocky as the switchbacks begin. There are a few more of these and then about 3 drops in a row that aren’t that big but are pretty rough and the last one (which I didn’t do) is on a corner with a really tricky landing. From there the track speeds up a bit and goes around some less sharp corners with some little logs to roll over. The rest of the track is much the same with some more drops and rocks and that sort of thing until you get to the bottom. There is a great fallen tree that is really fun to try to ride along. It starts off with about an 8 - 10m long part where the log is still on the ground. Then for about 3 or 4m the ground dips down into a dry creek and the log (which is all round with about a 40 - 50cm diameter) goes over the top. In the highest part, the top of the log is at the height of my shoulders. After a few tries I made my way successfully across the log. It felt great because I’ve done it about 10 times on my bike and a few months ago I told myself I’d do it on a unicycle. That’s the end of ‘Jelly Bean’. From there, I rode along another fallen log that was wider and longer and then went up ‘Roger’s Circuit’ and then down into the Gap Creek Reserve Park. I spent about 20mins there riding along logs and that sort of thing until my Mum picked me up. I had a really great time and met some mountain bikers who told me I’ve been watching too much New World Disorder.

I’ve decided that I’m going to have some v-brake mounts put onto the frame before it’s painted so I at least have the option of brakes on it. I’m going to work on getting my legs stronger so I won’t need brakes but it’s quie hard to slow down at the moment. I weighed it last night and it’s about 5.5 kg. Is this normal? How much do your munis weigh?

And finally, what surely someone’s been waiting for…the photos! I’ll post one here and put them all onto my album in the near future. This’ll look even better with a metallic orange frame.

I love my muni!!!

Thanks for all your help,

Oh yeh, just so you can get an idea of how lucky I am to live near Mt. Cootha, here’s a list of some of the tracks and other places to ride near me.

Three Sisters - Mainly Firetrails, slippery, some logs to ride along

Three Sisters (other downhill bit) - Steep, technical, some drops which would be good for practicing rolling out of drops on.

Three Sisters (singletrack near top) - Steepish, technical, no drops but lots of ruts, very narrow in some places.

No. 9 - Very steep in places, has a rock chute, extremely rocky and technical, must ride slowly.

Jelly Bean - Fast, downhill-style track, a lot of drops, good for rolling out of, fairly technical, has log over creek at the end near Roger?s Circuit.

Jelly Baby - Fastish, very technical in places, some drops, has big drop off plank with chicken wire, very narrow planks up and down off to the left, very steep start, finishes at log across creek.

Roger?s Circuit - Not too technical, windey, fun, easyish, some drops, some short steep bits, has a nice long log to ride along at bottom of Jelly Bean/Baby.

Mega Awsome - Extremely technical, very steep, lots of ruts, no drops.

Suicide - Not too technical, steep in places, really good log to ride along off to the right of the track with a drop at the end, windeyish, big drop with a steep landing which is good for rolling out of.

Lantana - Not technical, smooth, fast, windey, fun, flat, easy.

Phil?s Track - Steep and technical at top, some drops, northshore in the future, narrow fallen log above ground over creek at the bottom in the future.

Firstly, in all those track names where it has question marks, they’re meant to be apostrphies.

Also, here’s a photo of part of Jelly Bean. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera yesterday. The tracks changed a lot since then.

jelly bean.jpg

And No. 9…


Why did you decide to go with 150’s ?


This thread has Andrew’s explanation, which I’ve included below.



If I used the metric conversion calculator correctly, that’s 12.5 lbs.
that is mighty light. that matches nearly the Wilder, I think. My custom muni came in at over 16 lbs.

Max and Eli,

Just to give you a bit more information, Gary from the bike shop had tried out some 170mm mountain bike cranks on his 24" and really didn’t like the feel of it. So, he went ahead and order the 150mm ones from Profile assuming that that’s what I’d prefer. It was just a little mistake and at the time, neither of us knew that the Gazz was actually nearly a 26" tyre! Eli, thanks for posting that link.


Don’t get too excited yet, the scale I used wasn’t a very good one and is really old. I’ll try to find a different scale to use. Thanks for letting me know that.


I got a few photos from my Mum’s SLR back today of the end of my first muni ride which turned out really well. I don’t have a scanner, but I’ll probably end up taking photos of the photos with my digital camera :).


That is one sweet looking piece of riding equipment Andrew.

I didn’t realize how tarnished and beat up my silver Odessy Twisted pros are until I saw those new pedals on yours. Wow.

Thanks Jonny.

I forgot to mention one observation in the original post. When we’re mountain biking up fire trails (with water bars), we’re taught to power up the steep bit and then take a rest when going over the wate bars so we can stay on the bike on steep hills. I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing the same thing but going down hills with water bars on a unicycle. I’d really work hard to control my steep down the steep bits and then rest while going over the water bars. I found that interesting.


Muni Mass

Rod and others,

I weighed my muni on what I’m pretty sure is a better and more accurate scale today and got 6.0kg or just over 13lbs. I’m glad to know that it’s light.