My MUni is jealous of my Coker

I think my Kh24 MUni is getting jealous of my Coker. I took my coker out for a date in the mountains Labor Day weekend. We were together for a 20 mile ride - time that normally would have gone to the MUni, and on terrain that the MUni definitely thinks is his space. And he’s probably correct to be jealous. It was definitely the ride of my life. On a uni, anyway! :wink:

Anyway, I had an awesome ride across Cherokee County, NC. And I am pretty sure that no one I encountered had ever seen a coker rider plowing across Buck Knob or riding across the Hiwassee Dam before.

But they will again!

The red line on the image shows my trek - out and back. The red circle shows the location of my camp in the mountains and how my driveway descends the ridge. The blue lines are state roads. My driveway (about .9 mile) to the state road is obviously not visible on the map. My drive is dirt and large (fist sized) gravel. I was able to ride down it, despite a great deal of initial trepidation. Once on the state road,I never UPD the entire ride until I got back up to the bottom of my drive way.

I did get off one time – due to exhaustion – about 200 meters short of the top of a mile long hill – and only about 3/4 mile from the end of the ride. Is that an EMD - Exhaustion Motivated Dismount?

The hardest part may have been riding up the last mountain road, which is pretty steep and covered with very loose gravel. (The state road is still gravel.) Well, except for the other hardest parts.

I had no idea I could actually do this when I set off. I have been giddy ever since.

My Coker is jealous of your Coker.

Congrats on the killer 20 miler. When you said you wanted to do this I thought back to the drive up to your property and just how long that uphill was. I thought the idea was insane, especially when you wanted me to go along. I still think that part was insane, but it give me something to work toward. Might be a good training ride.

That is really insane. I mentioned it to my Coker and he said: in no uncertain terms Fugedaboutit!! Nice job. How much do you want for your Muni? :smiley:

According to Google, my MUni can whip my coker.

Google Fight Results:
my MUni - 1,660,000
my Coker - 886,000

Of couse, now my MUni has more competition, because I just got one of these:

It appears my MUni can handle it, though.

Google Fight Results:
KH 24 MUni - 40,200
Onza 20 Trials - 13,000

Anyway, I got my MUni some nice new 140mm cranks as a gift.

I posted topo’s for the mountain coker ride in my gallery.