My Muni is Here!!! I love Darren Bedford!!!

It seemed lie a normal day, go to school, sleep, come home chill on the net, whatever. Then…

The doorbell rang, I figured it was just a Jehova’s whitness… or some other annyoance, but I was wrong, a man in a black flamed hoodie, with huge gauges had it. The box of all boxes, I began to tear with joy as I signed the small slip of pink paper, I was so caught in ecstacy that my signature looked nothing like my own. My commands to my father to grab the scissors sounded like the mix between a german WWII officer and a squealing little girl. The box was immense, and yet took me little time to open, I slashed through it like a murderer cross and quartering a victim. As it opened the victims sweet innards were revealed, the wheel and frame came attatched and looked beatuful together, the colour scheme is amazing, I was at a loss for words. My music was flowing out of my compy, but I couldn’t hear, I blocked out everything from view, save the muni and was scrambling at light speed for my allen wrench and 5/8 wrench to secure the pedals and saddle.I don’t remeber putting it together. I mounted it in the living room pedaling twice and iddling 5 times before dismounting to carress the new ride.

As I walked outside for a ride around the block, I began to sing a tune that just flowed out of my mouth:

Bedford is great
Oh, Bedford is great
Bedford Bedford Bedford

Muni is great etc…
(props if anyone knows this cartoon reference)

I flew around my block at what seemed like coker speeds, my rolling hops seemed to soar forwards through the air, easily clearing manhole coverings, and miscelaneous obstacles that appeared. The tire flows soo smoothly that all imperfections on the ground are completely unnoticeable, and the wheel rolls as though it were gliding atop water. I came home, gave the muni another whoelsome squeeze as we walked inside together. I quickly posted pics and have began this writing. Defeinetly one of the best days of my life.

Anyone who ever buys a unicycle should buy from Darren Bedford, and you will have an experience of extreme joy, close to mine. Oh, did I mention with my purchase I got freebees, such as a new color Betty shirt and a new Bedford/Kris Holm poster for my room.


The Sexiest Muni Evarrr

Dope Wheelset, Gazz 24x3" tire, p/c Alex DX rim, DT Stainless spokes, Profile p/c cranks/hubset, snafu black pedals.

Dope new yellow KH Fusion Saddle.


that… is a beeaautiful uni!! what’s it’s name?

PS is the cartoon you referred to the Simpsons? I’m pretty sure I’ve heard Homer singing that…

Nope, but kinda close.

I am thnking about a name right now, any suggestions are welcome. I have been thinking about the name pikachu, just because I can say “I choose you Pikachu” whenevr I pick it up. But that is bit wird for such a huge beast of a muni.

that muni is really really pimp

pikachu would be okay… but that name has been kind of overused. I once named my eraser pikachu…

How about, Ol’ Yello.

That’s sweet! Ever take it off any sweet jumps? Wow, you got like 3 feet of air on that one… Can I try?

I didn’t know they made fusion saddles in color…

Pikachu sucks.

Actually, I just rolling hopped off a smll chunk of snow/ice that gave he a nice peice of air, and although I hate ND, sure you can try.

Yup, Darren has fusion saddles in all the colors.

Dick Tracy would be a cool name, but it would really sound weird and wrong if I said " Dang I just smashed my nuts on my Dick…"

Maybe, The Killer Bee, or The Hornet or…

ok, lets the shirt and the poster too…

How about Yellow Dogg.

BTW Nice ride!

Ask and you shall receive:

The last one is a bit shaky, but I’m too lazy to redo it. The poster looks great above my bed.

I am proud to say that I have two posters of a shirtless man in my room.

^needs to be a sig^

hahaha. that’s kicka$$.
i’m getting my next uni on thursday!
but i don’t have to deal with boxes. one of the perks of living in toronto i suppose!

You NEED to name your MUni “the yellow dart.”


That’s so awesome. So is your MUni.

I’m gonna get mine from darren now. 'Cause he’s cool.

I got pretty much the same unicycle and had pretty much the same experience. :slight_smile: I have been meaning to place another order . . .

Re: My Muni is Here!!! I love Darren Bedford!!!

Futurama. Bender the unicyclist.

If its a he you should call it MAC DADDY

if its a girl you should call it lafonda (sp?)

p.s. did the shirt/poster come wiith the uni?

It looks just like the muni Brian Mackenzie had a ECMW.

Re: My Muni is Here!!! I love Darren Bedford!!!

Damn, Ima buy a unicycle from Darren just for that free T-shirt and Poster. Thats filthy. I heared he always tosses in some freebees, but i assumed it was just some stickers and ish.

He was quoting Napoleon Dynamite…hehe. Remeber Pedro and his bike? Wow, that is such an awesome Muni. Really awesome color scheme.


Re: Re: My Muni is Here!!! I love Darren Bedford!!!

Yup, from the episode when he dates the Planet Express ship, right after he dumps her.

ND = Napoleon Dynamite. I could tell, everyone quotes that god awful movie.

Although I don’t give sh*** on pimping unicycles, and I actually only enjoy riding them and appreciate if my uni’s don’t break and feel comfortable, I have to say that your muni really looks beautiful.

Give it the name: my precious.