My Muni and Bedford flame stickers!


I have just finished sticking my muni together.

Spec is now:

XL Leather Air saddle,
Carbon Fibre seat base,
Double seat clamp,
Nimbus 28" frame, powdercoated mat black,
Magura HS33 brake,
Suze Hub,
150 Bicycle Euro cranks,
Metal DX style pedals (the Konas were crap)
Halo Combat rim, Gazzaloadi 2.6"x26" tyre,
Bedford yellow flame, and Unicycle.Com stickers.

Personaly, I think it rocks! When I have seen people with Munis like this, I have always thought ‘WOW!’… but now I have one! :smiley:

The flame stickers really finished it off! I was in two minds wether to put them on or not, but I’m glad I did! :slight_smile:

Pics are HERE

Just thought I would share my Muni with you guys and galls!

Take care (while I dont… Muning :p)


nothing short of impressive

nice nice, I have the black flames on my yellow powder coated Bedford frame. Always an eye catcher to the non-uni-riders.

Now thats not playing fair, thats how i was going to do mine!! LOL

I already got my coker matt balck with yellow flames, got the yellow and black new onza, just waiting to get muni done!

Never mind ay


Sorry Des! :stuck_out_tongue:

All I need to do now is go on a real Muni ride with it!

I rode it into town today to get some christmas lights… it was fun (I took the stairs :D)

Anyway… get in touch when you want to sort something out for our ride! :slight_smile:


Very nice! How much did the frame cost in total? Did you have Roger spray it black or did you do it over the chrome? How much did it cost to get the bosses welded on? And where did you find that Combat rim in black with a braking surface?!

So many questions!!!



Nimbus Frame £30 and Powdercoat £25 = £55

Got a local company to shot blast the chrome off it, and powdercoat it mat black

£25 for brake bosses

I love it,


Nice. I have always wanted to put together my own uni like that. How much did the whole uni cost.

I was just wondering. Why the older frame? Did you just want it to be a bit narrower (possible problems with fitting brakes on a wide frame)?

Wow, that is so tricked out. Very pretty, Joe. I would not feel guilty about rinsing a ride like that off after I got mud on it. Nice color scheme.

sounds pretty good! :wink:
i like the flame stickers might be on my christmas list…

What isn’t on christmas list yet? :roll_eyes: (a couple of unis, juggling equipment, stickers…)

I dont know. I got it for Christmas 2 years ago now. It was a standard UDC MaxTraction, but I’ve just updated mostly everything!

It is worth about £380

The older frame, because I could not affourd to upgrade it. It was not broken, so I didnt replace it. I prefer it tbh!

The brakes needed cutting down, as the old frame i have is narrower than the new ones. I have to shave a bit off the brake pad, and file the pad housing down, as it was scraching my rim under flex.

Grrr… I have mock GCSE’s next week, so I am (ment to be) revising… and I wont be able to go for a long ride on it until next weekend :frowning: