(my) longest Coker Ride So far

Well, I didn’t time myself, as I only started out going for a ride to loosen up my legs after a good trials work out yesterday, but I ended up going 41 KM’s. The only time I have, is the last 8 took 35 mins.

Nice one. I’d love to ride that far on a uni. It would be a challenge.
I’m no good at maths - what was your average speed?

8km / approx. 0.5h = 16 km/h (Sam, I hope you’re a really young uni rider :))


P.S. Sofa, damn well done! I’m impressed. Generally that’s what I could consider to be a decent road ride (bike), taking about 1h15m give or take 5 mins.

Eli, I’m not really young, and I know how to work it all out, its just…I couldnt be bothered and I knew someone else would.

Sounds like a good bit or riding sofa.

I know I was feeling the crotch burn only after 7 miles with heavy tirals along the way little breaks for 3.5 hrs of riding itme

I did find out by matching speeds with my biger friend that I can go 9 mph for long periods of time on the 20" monty


Wow! Some figures there.

9mph on a 20? Phenomenal!

40 odd km on a Coker - pretty respectable, and if you averaged 8.5 mph (approx.) on the last half hour, on your longest run ever, that’s good going. Great feeling, innit? :0)

When I did touring bicycling, we used to assume an average speed of 12 mph, counting riding time only, or about 10mph including breaks.

It is a good feeling, although I’m anxious to see what it’s like next time, when I set out for a distance ride and am prepared for it!

Now to map out a 50 K route :slight_smile:

Re: (my) longest Coker Ride So far

On Sun, 16 Mar 2003 22:38:09 -0600, michaeli
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>8km / approx. 0.5h = 16 km/h

Well, the “approx 0.5h” was actually 35 minutes, Sofa said.
8 km / 35 minutes = 13.7 km/h
(or 8.5 mph)

Still very respectable for the last part of a longest ride ever.

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and Thanks!

Re: Re: (my) longest Coker Ride So far

Ah, but I did not need a calculator :).


On Saturday I went on a ride with a friend who has a riding computer. We went for an hour and had an average speed of 11 kph. She let me set the pace most of the way and I tried not to go too slow since she’s on a bike. That was on a twenty inch KH. It really makes me want to get a 24 so I can do more distance riding. Of course I’d really like a 28 for distances but I want to Muni more and I can only afford one. Does anybody want to send me one so I can buy the other?