my legs hurt at either side of my balls

basically, i have been riding quite a bit, and my inner legs where the edges of the seat lean onto are starting to get really sore from the “scratching” effect…

is it just me or is this normal? any suggestions as to what type of pants i should wear to help?

i have quite a variety of underwear, im just not too sure yet which is more confy for unicycling… lol:p

This happens to most unicyclists when riding longer distances, so you are not alone :wink:

There are some things you could try (but no recommendations here because everyone is different):

  • Another seat: The KH Freeride is a very good seat (if you don’t have one yet) but some prefer very thin and harder seats for distance riding, so maybe a flat street/trials saddle would suit you more (on thinner seats there is less material which has contact with your legs)
  • Another angle of the seat. The KH adjustable seatbases come in handy with this
  • Some like to ride with bike shorts, so that may help you too

interesting title choice for the thread . . . I would have chosen inner thigh. . . but w/e

good suggestions from From the Woods. Take a look at any bicycle seat, and youll notice how thin the nose is. The middle of the dogbone shaped saddle is normally where that nose would be on a bike seat. It’s a much wider space on a unicycle. I’ve found the Qu-Ax air saddle to be a bit thinner in the middle than my nimbus gel. That greatly increased comfort on long rides. The Q factor of your cranks may be small too, but I don’t think that would make a huge difference.

I’m not quite sure why people want a large Q factor on a unicycle, and a small Q factor on a bike. I would think the thinner the better, any enlightenment on this subject? I remember when I first started riding the 36er instead of a road bike, and there was a HUGE difference. I had to get used to how wide the pedals were. I think in the case of the big wheel, it has more to do with the need for a wider hub for the wheel build to be strong enough.

I experienced pain in the same area, probably less from scratching and more from compression, on bicycle seats the narrower and more supportive saddles have been my choice on long hauls. However, and this does seem counter intuitive, I rode my friend’s Muni with an air saddle with amazingly low air pressure and it was like the edges of the saddle disappeared! so, if the narrow flat saddle reduces chaffing you’re golden, otherwise, get an air cushion and cover from UDC to reduce the pressure! I now have one and love it on my 36er.

oh, I used a strip of duct tape around the middle of the air cushion to prevent it from spreading out!

Haha, i was lured in by the title of this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Anti-chafing cream works good! If you buy the expensive stuff you won’t regret it :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations, you’ve won the thread title of the year award!

Back on topic… I think trying a different seat might be an idea. Or some cycle shorts.

I bought an expensive anti-chafing cream. It does work well, but to be honest, Crisco shortening works just as well and it’s way cheaper. I know it sounds weird, but my doctor recommended it and it does work.

It always does that with me when I ride ALOOOOT or when it’s cold. You’ll get used to it eventually:p

are knocked kneed?

It will get better when you develop bald spots…

bag balm is cheap, works like expensive stuff, and prevents callouses too!

do you have your seat facing upwards?

you might want to loosen the bolts and push the seat so it moves downward. I had this same problem, but then I adjusted the seat in this way. Hope this helps, I know the explanation isn’t too top of the line

i used to get this heaps when i was learning but i guess the skins hardended there now cause i dont get it anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Good suggestions all round. If you speak to the long distance bicyclists, you might find out the popular local options for cheaper “chamois” (anti-chaff) cream. The recomendations here are either “baby-bum” cream for nappy rash, or “udder cream”. Yes, cream from a farmers supply store for rubbing into inflammed cows udders. This is what I use - cheap (about 1/10 the price of the stuff in cycle shops), soothing, and has the exact same effect as the expensive kind.

woa, amazing suggestions. thank you all! the thing is, its all good again, i think i probably unicycled a bit too much last week!:stuck_out_tongue:

btw, now that we are on the subject, is it true that unicycling reduces your sperm count? cause i kinda unicycle a lot, and just in case, something to consider…

i suppose the obvious solution to that is: ultimate wheel!!:smiley:

I don’t think that unicycling affects you any more than bicycling. unless you get repetative “numb-nuts” (if you don’t know i’m talking about, then you’ve never had it), which is you bodies way of telling you that you are not getting enough blood to your nether regions. There are some threads dealing with this, with most of the medical research being taken from studies done with (bi)cyclists.

I guess one way of knowing is to ask as many male unicyclists as possible to go get their sperm tested, haha! I’m not sure how many people will be willing to post their results on a public forum, especially if they are abnormal:p


  • Gently remove balls
  • Polish to a high shine
  • Replace balls [/LIST]

    Although I haven’t tried the above advice I do experience the same mallady, even when not riding long distances. I think I’ll try the Bag Balm.

  • Sounds like circumtesticulitis of the leg. Could be nasty. I should see a doctor.

    For all we know either side of his balls could be his knees, then I would check seat elevation if they’re bothering him.