MY KH26 Muni

Over the past Month i have built up a KH26 Muni.

Here’s the specs

KH 29" frame
Profile hub 175 black cranks & Alex dx32 rim DT spokes
(I bought the complete wheelset from “pdc”)
JimmyC. pedals
KH old style seat post
KH gelseat
Magura Hydraulic brake

GAzz tire
Oddysey Seatpost clampI needed some good stopping power so i had to have a brake of course! I had to make a Mount out of Aluminum that could position the brake lower to hit the rim since i was using a 29" frame.

Once you go 26 you dont go back! This uni is the nicest i have ridden. She rolls like a champ and is great for rugged Muni or long distance.

Heres some pics (if it works)






darn, just type that crap into ur computer if u want to see the pics

its not going to work, it has to be an internet ulr, not one from your computer.:o but it sounds like a bitchin’ uni

scratch this thread, i will get the real pics up

Just pst them again as attachments. (Click the manage attachments button, click browse, find the pic, click upload)

i did, but it only takes 1mb pics and mine are 2mb. When i resise them they go blurry and distorted. I will retake the pics and make a new thread if it takes to long.

just do it the way I told you. it may take abit longer but, I figured it out so its bound to work for you

I’d like to see that brake mount.

you could host the images at

it will give you a link that you can post here, and we’ll all be able to view your pictures at full size.

pix Please>

that put a smile on my face:)try an host the pics at

I will show the pics probably on a new thread. I need somebody to do it that knows how to do it.

yeah me too… PIC’S!!!

heres an older thread about a kh26

i wont let go!!