My friends Uni

The security guard at my place of work has noticed me unicycling around and would like to purchase one of his own. As i am what youd consider a lighter weight guy, 150lbs I am not sure as to what type of beginner uni he should get.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a beginner unicycle to fit a man whose around 6’ tall and probobly weighs around 200 - 220?


re: beginner uni for the big guy

The torker unistar LX 24" appears to be reasonably well built for just $99. One he could learn on and then take to the next level for $110 more would be the torker unistar DX 24" with splined cranks. Methinks that one’s actually a better deal. Once he’s hooked, price will be less of an object!

Thanks, I’ll let him know. Hopefully he’ll feel the urge to purchase.