My friend's dad rides uni trials--and gave me his MUni!!!

I’ve known for quite a while that my one friend from school got a unicycle at about the same time I did and has been riding ever since…what I didn’t know is that her father also rode. (something tells me I should, but I didn’t)

He was clearing out and said that he rode his trials more than his MUni, and in a fit of generosity came by my house and dropped off a Nimbus. I plan on going up to the trails and riding it tomorrow, nothing too big as it’s not splined, but still. No drops for this lil’ guy but I can still stick to the trail. I’m going to get the wheel trued up(loose spokes) and maybe take some pressure out of the tire so it can compress then try it out!

nimbus gel saddle, red
nimbus II 24" frame
unknown seatpost, knurled
UDC hub
Mel 152mm forged cranks as well as spare Prowheel 152mm, Mel 140mm, PRO 127mm, and almost ridiculously long(to me)165mm MELs
pinned metal pedals, red
unbranded 24" red rim, appears to be double walled though I haven’t taken the tire off yet, not really wide and it doesn’t have eyelets but I’m new at MUni so whatever…
gazz 24" tire
48 spokes 4 cross pattern, all spoke holes in rim are adjacent to each other due to thin build
black quick release seat clamp

It’s fairly new, the R and L stickers are still on the frame.

The main thing I’m going to replace on it for now are the crank bolts as I like the ones that work with an allan wrench instead of having to borrow a socket wrench every time I need to tighten them. Also they look better as compared to this kind when the dust caps go missing.

Pics up sometime after I true the wheel.

That was generous of his dad! And the father rides a trial uni, or used to? Do you know about how old he is? It would be cool to see video of someone around my age riding a trials course! :sunglasses: That reminds me, my ne kh trials is supposed to be delivered tomorrow!:smiley:

he said he rode his trials around a lot but I doubt that any videos will be coming out soon


Pictures?! and Wow a GAZ is really rare and expensive now, assuming its the 3.0 tire, so just that alone is awesome.

it’s the 2.6

Still cool whatever size it is, its free. How very generous of him! How good is your friends dad at riding?

I have no idea how good he is, all I know is that he has been riding for quite a while now

the tire is starting to bug me, when I’m going fast there are times when I have to lean sharply as if I were going into a spin just to stay upright and riding straight.


Is that from ruts and off-camber trails? It may be because of the very square profile of the Gazz.

Sounds like the stock rim on the basic II.

The 48 spokes makes upgrading harder. You could get a Qu-Ax crankset (10 spline or the new ISIS), or a whole new 36 H wheelset. I’ve heard the red rim isn’t terribly strong, but should be fine as long as you always keep the spokes tight, so you might want to go w/ the later of those options.