My freestyle unicycle, "fireball" (pictures)

Well. For a while I’ve been speaking of a project unicycle, code “fireball.” Well that project has finally become a reality (or almost a reality.) I started out by making a phone call to to order some parts, as follows;
(1) 20" Semcycle XL frame
(1) 36 hole Suzue hub
(1) pair of BE 112s in black
(36) black spokes
(1) chrome Sun Rhynolite rim
(1) Primo “The Wall” tire in red
(1) pair of chrome crank nut covers
(1) pair of black indoor pedals.
After three weeks of trouble I finally recieved all my parts. The three week delay occured because of the wrong colored spokes being sent, and my bracket packet being left out twice.
Once all the parts were rounded up, I headed to my friend’s house to get the parts powdercoated. I left the parts there for a week, and picked them up today. The following parts were powdercoated;
(1) 20" Semcycle XL frame powdercoated translucent red
(1) Suzue hub powdercoated translucent red
(1) chome Sun Rhynolite rim powdercoated translucent red
(1) stock 300mm Miyata seatpost powdercoated ultra black
My dad is currently building my wheel as we speak, but I thought I could include these “teasers” until it’s fully assembled.
The unfinished gallery:
The teaser: