My first unicycling video

tell me what you think of my first video. This is me sessioning the local school. Not been unicycling long.


Not bad, how long have you been riding for? You should learn 180 unispins or somthing.

i rode for about a month at christmas it took me two weeks to learn how to ride and get up a kerb and thats all i could do, i got onto a bench a couple of times too. but today i was bored so i picked my unicycle up and made a video. i was suprised how much i had improved actually. yeah i will work on the 180 unispin thanks.

Not bad, but it was a little repetative because it was mostly just you riding around.

yeah i see what you mean thanks. i cant do much else really because i havnt been doing it long.

Ever try rolling hops yet?

Your pretty good. You can work on not being so bouncy and be more smooth when you jump things. Like on that bench, maybe do a few pre-hops before jumping up, but as soon as you are up, use one hop to jump down the other side…

Just keep working on height, distance, and accuracy, maybe some freestyle and street. I wont be surprised if you need a new unicycle soon. =p

Damn! Trials on a learner… awesome lol. Wish I could jump that high… :frowning:

It looks like you’ve learnt pretty quick too! [seat out and still on a learner]

thanks. no ive never tried rolling hops i dont know how to do them so if anyone has a tutorial it would be greatly appreciated. Yeah i think i will have to save up and get a new unicycle. as for learning freestyle and street im going to learn unispins and see how it goes from there thanks for the comments. Any more?

There are two maybe three rolling hop guides in the article/tutorial section. I wrote up one of them. =p

Unispins are a good trick to learn, plenty of guides on that too. Make sure to have shinguards, or plastic pedals.

ok i will check out the rolling hopguides thanks for the advice.