My first uni video :)

Hey all,
I felt like a bit of a weiner being the only Team-Insanian without a video, so today I filmed, and made one.

I discovered an awesome new video making site called “Jumpcut”. You make your video on-site (with heaps of awesome tools and features) then upload it onto the site!

It’s pretty short, but it’s just a sample video. Click here.


ps. unlike youtube, Jumpcut is a little slow to stream, so I suggest you hit play, then pause, let it load, then play again.

nice work doc. gnarly wheel walk. make more videos

I can’t get it to work for me.

I like your style.

What goes wrong, exactly?

The page comes up with everything there but the box in the which the video would be just stays white.

nice work keep it up i can’t wait till you make some more videos