My first uni vid

Well here it is

nice, you should only really hold onto the seat with one hand. it is much easier to keep balance and do bigger gaps and stuff. how long have you been riding??

OMG not another vid with linkin park, that song has been used soo many times, I couldnt watch it. Completly ruined the vid for me. as soon as I heard the into I had to stop it. Why would you even use that song. I hate you.

Haha only joking, How long have you been riding for? Not bad, try and move toward using one hand on the saddle.

EDIT: looks like 1 wheeled grape beet me to it.

Are you sponsored by 661?

who issn’t? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tip! Oh… Id say a year including time I couldnt uni b/c of winter and about 6-9 months total. :sunglasses:

not yet this is the vid Ill probably use to get sponsered but not yet b/c of school

Im riding a nimbus trials


sorry but i dont think ull get sponcered with this video, ide say make one in another month, keep with it and u should get a sponcership soon

if you can hold a unicycle you can get sponsored by 661

For any type of sponsorship, you should show consistancy in your riding abilities, as well as… well… a little better riding.

If you want 661 to sponsor you, then you will have to show them that you get out and ride publically, and can promote the company, rather than just jumping over a rail and brick in your driveway, and jumping on rocks in your yard. That dos nothing for the company.

As for the riding… Although it IS 661, I think you should have a little more riding experience before you get sponsored. You seem to be in the beginner stages, and if you are looking for a sponsorship, then you need to make up for other aspects in a video such as this one…

The riding was not all that great (no offence, keep at it) and the variety of angles and whatnot was not that nice looking.

I realize this is your first vid, and it is certainly not bad for a first, but I suggest making a few more films, and getting a little better before going for any type of sponsorship, but you’ve got the right idea!

send this one in now and I bet you’ll get one