My First Uni Commute on a 24"

Since I don’t have a blog, I figure I will use this to report about my first commute for your entertainment, inspiration and for advice.

10 mile commute from Reston, VA to Tysons. Most on a flat bike trail, sidewalks and some residential streets. I have done this commute hundreds of times on my bike, dozens of times running, once on cross country skis, and once on rollerblades. I just learned how to uni this summer, so I was eager to try it out. All I can do is freemount, ride and turn, I am learning hops and hoping to get to idling soon. Today is Car Free Day in the US, so I figured it was a good excuse to try.

I may try this again with some headphones, it was much slower than I expected. It took me about 1 hr 45 minutes, so I can run faster.

I now know why everyone says the Torker CX seat sucks! I had padded bike shorts and it was still uncomfortable after less than half the ride. Would appreciate any advice on seats (not commuting specific, just a good all around seat).

I was really surprised at what I could ride up, down and over. It was a great exercise and I have no doubt I am a much better rider after doing this. There was only one uphill that was too steep and I did every downhill with no problem.

I tried riding on a road with traffic once and opted for the sidewalk - I am not sure I would ride a road with any regular traffic no matter how good I get, I feel like I take up more real estate than on the bike.

Overall a great sense of accomplishment, I will try it again on this uni with headphones. I am not sure I am ready to invest in a big wheel commuter yet. It would be nice to try one out first.

I got alot of words of encouragement, smiles and thumbs up which was nice. Toward the end I could see a mom and her baby in a stroller with their back to me up the trail. The kid was having the meltdown of the century, when I pedaled around them I said “look at the man on the funny bike” and they both erupted in laughter! It made me feel really good about the ride!

Re: seat – I recommend the new KH Freeride. It has the best combination of foam and adjustability (also with the new KH seat post).

I also recommend a handlebar for commuting (even with a 24).


What length cranks are you using?

A 24" is probably a bit small for a 10 mile daily commute. Was that 5 miles each way or 10?

The KH freeride is a great seat, but I’ve never had a problem with the regular Nimbus ones.

Hey, you are really close to me. I used to commute from Fairfax to Herndon on my uni, and I ride on the W&OD (I get on at fairfax co parkway near reston or in herndon at mile 20) quite frequently. I rode to Tysons once from the W&OD and it was quite a hassle since I had to ride on the sidewalk and cross huge intersections. Tysons is a mess!

That is a far commute for a 24", you would be much better off on a 36er or at least a 29er. If you are keen on keeping the 24 as a commuter, a good all around seat is the KH Fusion Freeride (not the street saddle) and if you put on shorter cranks you can spin faster and smoother.

If you would like to try out a bigger wheel, I have both a 29er and a 36er that you could try at some point.

p.s. have you seen my blog about unicycling in this area?

James, I have seen your blog. I stumbled on it looking for uni groups or get togethers in the DC area which I didnt really find any. I might be interested in trying your bigger wheels when I get a bit more experienced. Were you at bike to work day at Reston Town Center? I saw someone there with a 36"? I was still on a two wheeler back then!

Good job travelling 10 miles on a 24", I am sure the ride will have made a good difference to your skills.

As the others have said, the KH Freeride is the best seat I have tried, the Nimbus Gel seems quite a good seat as well.

I like using my 29" unicycle if I am doing any distance, I tried a 36" a while back but really didn’t get on with it, but a lot of others think they are great, take siafirede up on his offer soon, it will be good to unicycle with someone more experienced as well.


Yeah, I was at reston town center on bike to work day with my geared 36er.

No harm in being a two wheeler. The past few months I have been biking a lot more than unicycling, but I am now switching back over to the uni and I will hopefully be up for the seagull century ride coming up.

Wow! out of curiousity how long does it take you to do a century on the uni?