My first really long distance ride

It wasn’t really that well planned, but its been something I’d been meaning to do at some point…

Ride the 9.5 miles from home to work.

The journey went something like this:
Grab breakfast, wear cycling top and shorts, get 2 x 500ML bottles of water, a banana, first aid kit, phone, wallet and shove it all in a cycling backpack… & get out the house before the kids wake up. Standing outside the house, its 6.20am - early moring Sun and fairly warm. Jump on 24" Nimbus unicycle and go!
Get to the end of the street and turn following my usual route that I normally ride on a Bicycle. Thoughts: I must be mad, this is a really slow way of travelling, I’ll never make it. I’ll catch the bus if I can’t make it (my bail out plan).
The next mile is not good, adverse cambers on the pavements make for scrappy riding - I ride on road where I can. Still feels really slow. Then it all seems to get better - I’m in the flow of it at last. Rest at halfway point for 5 minutes: drink and eat banana.

Roadie-type cyclists (lycra, sports bike, no luggage) ignore me when I’m riding my bicycle, but they continue to ignore me even when I’m riding a Unicycle! Strange lot.

3 miles to go. Thoughts: Hey, I think I can actually make this! Adrenaline kicks in.
1 mile to go. Legs are getting quite tight now, have to stop for more water and rest bum and legs.

Arrive 8.00am. I made it… Wow! (collapse in a sweaty heap). The return trip will be… on the bus!


  • Hard work, get a bigger wheel, shorter cranks
  • Route by Unicycle is 40 minutes longer than by Bicycle
  • Unicycle tick list: ride to work - TICK

Ahhh…to live along a rideable path to work. Great accomplishment! I can’t imagine doing the mileage that you did on a 24" unicycle. You’re definitely ripe for a Coker. You actually go fast enough on a Coker to feel that sweat evaporate as you ride! Thanks for the fun news.


Re: My first really long distance ride

On Fri, 3 Jun 2005, stevenbrandist wrote:

> Ride the 9.5 miles from home to work.
> […]
> Arrive 8.00am. I made it… Wow! (collapse in a sweaty heap). The return
> trip will be… on the bus!

Great stuff - and good report, thanks!

Just to put it in perspective, I was thinking of taking the bus back this
evening after riding into work. It’s only 1.5 miles, though :slight_smile:

After your post, I’ll ride it.




Great story. That is quite a distance to ride on a 24" wheel. Congrats!

you need a Coker

Great effort!
Join the Coker brotherhood!
You will be averaging 15mph(with shorter cranks).

Well done Steve.
Shows what you can do on the trusty Nimbus II.

Way to go, Steve. My first work commute was only half that far and I did it on a Coker, not a 24.