My first real UPD

While riding in a snow filled parking lot, I was riding my N36.

I was doing circuits and progressively building up speed.

At 17kph I did my first real UPD, fell forward and slide on my hands and knees for a 10feet. Luckly, I was wearing my KH gloves, and extra layer pants. On top of that it happened on an icy snow patch so I slide thru the snow for most of it.

Lesson learned… Always wear gloves and invest in a pair of shin pads. Perhaps I should also wear elbow pads during winter riding too.

No damage to uni.

Just brushed of the snow, got back on and away I went.

Well at least you are fine and wore protection which is always a good thing. :smiley:

Yeah, I did the same thing too… I was trying to get some speed, then I supermaned off onto the road and slid for a second. Ruined a nice pair of pants, and some gloves I was wearing. Luckily, I didn’t get hurt and it was just some clothing ruined.

My first cross-town commute featured a similar sliding fall at about the same speed. It convinced me to gear up like I was entering a roller derby. Helmet, wrist, elbow, knees, and shins if applicable. I’ve only had one significant tumble since then, and was glad to have the gear that made it a trivial event.

Glad you’re alright and working your way through the steps that we all go through as coker speed freaks :smiley:

Sorry to go a little off topic, but what does UPD stand for?

you’re technically still on topic but a UPD stands for UnPlanned Dismount… back to the subject of high speed coker UPD’s anybody have any recommendations for protection with a hard plastic shell that would slide better on the road? the only protection I currently have is my feet and running speed. I want some stuff that would allow for a superman slide with minimum damage to me as a rider. I may know how to roll but most of my rides now I’m wearing a heavy school back that would prevent that.

Welcome to the club! :smiley:

You’re lucky to have snow and ice a) to slide on and b) to make you wear extra layers. My 3 fast UPDs have been on to rough tarmac with only think knee supports and gloves to help take some of the pain. Always best to just jump back on and keep riding though.


Going down hill with tired legs

I’m still building my riding experience on the 36.

Today I was practicing climbing hills, and riding down them.

At the 10 km mark I was going down hill and my legs were getting tired.
Having no brake I just used leg power to slow me down.

Guess my legs are still weak. I found my self going to fast near the bottom of the hill and nearly UPD. Never had this problem with my 29"

A regular 36 rider must really have strong leg muscles.

I find skateboard wrist protectors, which have a metal “palm-guard”, to be excellent pro from getting hands scraped in a superman UPD. Example:


I am going up and down hills all the time and still get tired near the bottom of longer hills, I don’t use a brake either. sometimes even when my legs aren’t tired I just like to let go and keep as little pressure as possible on the pedals to see how fast I can go, which is why I am looking into hard shell protection type stuff.

Steveyo- Thanks for the recommendation.

Just keep riding up and down those hills, you’ll strengthen those muscles in no time. I just finished did my Q ride yesterday and did over 650m worth of climbs through the whole thing. I’ve had my 36 for less than a month and I’ve got pretty much used to it. I really just need to work on my speed now.

For todays ride…

I only rode 11.8km in 45 mins.

Low speed of 10kph, high burst of speed of 18.9kph

Ways to go yet for this little grey duck before I can do my qualifing ride.

I’ve also had UPD-trivializing results with those splined gloves and small skate-type kneepads. I have gloves by Harbinger.

well thank God that the Uni is all right! :smiley:

steveo - Looks like plastic to me :roll_eyes:

Some motorcycle cloves have metal studs in th palms.

Hard armor, like those wrist guards, and knee/shin and elbow/forarm pads.

I cut off the knees of my 661’s and added these knee pads. Much better IMO in urban areas but soft pads may be better on trials (once I slid almost 40 yds in a UPD on a steep trail).

Lewis, you’re probably right, they could be pure plastic. But they’re quite burly and durable. They’ve skidded on pavement and rocky trails many times without showing much damage.

I have a similar two similar pairs (one is falling appart). I feel that I need padding more than a brace.

I’ve used cut up cheap shoe insoles, which worked well, but would always get out of place when taking them on/off and I eventually lost them. I’m going to try sowing some in.

my first upd was like this only on a 20, i got up to as fast as i could go and got out of control and fell, only i took it on my knees completely, my hands only touched the ground once i stopped sliding. it was on concrete and that was before i had my six six one shinpads, plus i had shorts on, so i took the blow directly to the skin :frowning: . i would recommend shin pads.