My First Movie

Hey, this is the firest movie i have ever made so please excuse the filming and editing. Its over by an elementary school without many good lines… but i did my best

any comments or suggestions are appreeciated


actually the editing and camera angles were not bad. I like the bench line you did. Riding in playground equipment is hard, and it was cool that you found some lines in there. On the little squigilly red thing with the bars across it, It would have been cooler if you gapped more of them instead of doing each one. Same with the stairs. I like it when people film with still cameras that just stay focused on one obsticle while the rider rides over it and dissapears off the screen. It’s much more pleasing to watch.

good job for first video:D

Excellent, I loved the wobbly seat thing you were hopping on.


a good video but to much hopping and no music it would got to a preety good blues beat i think :slight_smile:

i liekd the video but, what is that little yellow thing with stairs in the video.

it was alright, um just a few suggestions:

1: music, you always need it nobody want s to hear a tire hopping.

2: try not to hop always with the seat out there was alot of stuff you could have done with seat in since you have a handel.

3: keep working on getting better it was good for a first video :slight_smile:

4: dude that helmet has got to go lol

5: it also looks good if your wear pants with leg armour and not shorts.

just a couple suggestions.

p.s. check out my NEW web site :smiley:

liked the video!

The bench work was a surprise!
Right handed seat out, hop RIGHT?! - and land the top? Niiice.

If you can do that, then there is no reason you should fear rolling those 4 steps (down). My guess is that you could forward gap up the slide (and have enough traction to make it). I did not mind the lack of music.
The camera work and editing where good - you could even move the camera back some to capture more than just the wheel.

Nice job!
Post when your next vid is out. :slight_smile:

Quite a few people will most likely disagree with you here. Natural sounds of trials unicycling can work really well, I think.

Surely that should be up to him. I know I do lots of seat in hopping when most others would choose seat out…that works best for me and I feel like I’m in more control. Maybe it’s the same thing for him.


I’ve recently made my second movie… Have you seen it?
It’s HERE, it’s approx 70 mb…
I’ve tried to link the music to the riding (making an aggressive editing), somebody liked it, somebody don’t…
there’s a post here

Your movie is good! Why it shouldn’t be?


Nice vid I too liked the woobley bench thing line.

the all chrome unis is nice too.

what uni

nice movie! by the way (if your still on) what uni did you use. i mean the brand, because im thinking of getting a nimbus trials uni for christmas.

Well thank s all who enjoyed it. i hope to go out to my highschool this weeekend and get some film.
Now lets see…

  1. that wobbly yellow thing is a stepping thingamabob in an elementery school playground
  2. i do enjoy hopping seat out in front and seem to have more control when gapping and hopping
  3. yeaa i’m getitng a better helmet for christmas, ive had that one for like 8 years
  4. i have a yuni with profile hub and cranks( i got it 3 months before when i thought the 2005 kh’s would be out in late 2005) :angry: