My first group muni ride...

I finished off my school holidays perfectly with a muddy, rainy, slippery and really really fun group muni ride today. Rockly has recently made a 26" muni and James put a knobby tyre on his 20". Gary and I met them at the bike shop and we headed off to Mt. Cootha. It wasn’t raining to start with, just a little bit wet. We did some hopping on rocks over a flowing creek and slippery log riding and some other trialsy stuff and then headed off along a trail. Gary, Rockly and James made some really good improvements with their muni riding and we all had a great time. Towards the end, it started pouring down with rain. I was having heaps of fun doing rolling hops over roots and there was one set where you could jump off one root drop and clear the next one. There was also a really fun rooty, rutty bit with drops on it that Gary and I were trying. We’re going out again next week and I’ll take heaps of videos and make a little movie of it all.

I surprised myself with hopping on stumps. There was a big ring of stumps that were each about 20cm in diameter and on the outside of them, there were 3 stumps on their own scattered out from the ring. I was jumping up onto the ring (just a little hop from a mound of dirt) and gapping about 40cm to the first one, 50cm to the next one (back to the right a little), and turning and trying to make the last 80cm-ish gap to the last one. I only made the first two but I didn’t think I was able to hop onto stumps that size. I’ll be back to try again when it’s not slippery (although those stumps weren’t too bad). I had a great time on my 9th muni ride.


Great stuff Andrew. It rain here too. On and off a couple times.
Sounds as if you were having heaps of fun around the rockery and the flowing creek. I think I’ve been to Mt Cootha many years ago in the early 90’s when I went to Movie World on the Gold Coast then to Maroochydore further North pass Brisbane while Holidaying. Nice Place Maroochydore I love it. But I not sure if My folks went there to Mt Cootha or not. Lost my mind there. Please make a movie where possible. Good report Andrew good work.


Sofa (and others),

I forgot to mention I was riding my 20". My muni is still waiting for the bolt and washer I lost when my crank fell off at the 24hr. It should be ready for next sunday’s muni adventure. The 20" did surprisingly well on the technical stuff, but I’m having trouble coping with not being able to do any real drops on it (due to it’s lack of strength). There’s a great drop that’s about 5’ onto a pretty steep slope that I really want to work up to doing. The run up to it is technical with quite a few root drops…it’s really fun.



I have always wanted to go on a group MUni ride. It sounds like so much fun.

Ray Edward