My first distance ride writeup

My ride at Battle Point Park in Bainbridge Island, WA

I knew that this weekend, being the first weekend with my Nimbus 29er, I wanted to go to some trail to do a nice distance ride. I decided on the 2 miles loop at Battle Point Park in the beautiful northwest!

The day was nice, with some heavy showers on the way over, but at the park it wasn’t even wet on the ground! It was brisk outside, but I had padded biking shorts on under some biking pants under some regular shorts, so I was both warm and comfortable.

The start of the trail was paved, although it did have quite a few bumps from roots in the ground. I mounted right away and rode off at a nice, brisk pace. The first person out of many I passed was a lady with a dog—on a cell phone! I don’t know about you, but I just couldn’t stand walking along a beautiful wetlands trail while gabbing with my girlfriend (even though I don’t have one).

As I rode along, I passed a great little pond with geese, ducks, and seagulls that were very well fed from the old ladies who feed them too much bread. I guess that explains the goose poop everywhere (including on my Big Apple). I kept a nice brisk pace, although I had to slow down when bouncing over the roots in the pavement. In fact, I did so well at getting over the roots flawlessly I thought to myself, “if I do a writeup of this ride, I’ll be able to brag about no UPDs!” Just about 2 seconds after that…WHOA!!! Yep, I UPDed on a root.

After the paved “pond circle” section, I journeyed on to the hard packed rock trail that was actually smoother than the bumpy pavement! The Big Apple did great on the dirt, although it was pretty hard packed to the point where it was almost like pavement. I passed many bikers and walkers and waved or said hi to most of them. I got nothing but positive comments which was great! I did get one dreaded “where’s your other wheel?” comment, to which I just said, “I got this bike half off in the bargain bin!” It’s funny how people think they are the most smartestest people on the planet to think of such a side-splitting comment…

I traveled on, despite UPDing right after the “wheres your other wheel” (WYOW) guy spouted off his little spirt of hilarity. The rest of the trail was even better than the first, nice and smooth gravel! I passed two bunnies, thirteen ducks, countless crows, and I chatted with the microscopic organisms in my eyelashes (the ones in my eyebrows were not too chatty today).

I did this loop about 4 times, and I can’t wait to come back! Oh, and the highlight of the post-ride rest: a nest of about 5 baby bunnies all huddled together with their mommy! Speaking of moms, give your mom a hug next time you see her and you can have some positive reputation if you post here about it.

:slight_smile: Tyler :slight_smile:

I gave my mommy a hug…she told me to go to my room. Good write up. Next time I want to hear your write up of you breaking the new 24 hour record.

Nice write-up.

I not only hugged my mom today, but I worked with her. We both work at the same restaurant every Sunday (her as a waitress, me as a busboy).

Excellent writeup, Tyler. Very descriptive and it included everything, even the bloopers. I think I’d like to do that ride with you but I would want to gut the bunnies. I know I’ve been there on bike. I can’t remember if we took the Cokers there on any of our Bainbridge outings.

I am getting in the habit of anytime someone says something about wheres your other wheel I reply with WHATS THE OTHER WHEEL FOR?

Tell them “I got rid of the TRAINING wheel”!

tell them the other wheel was left inside their mother last night. you might get beaten to death, but it’d be hilarious.

also, pretty good first write up.

Well written and enjoyable to read. Your teachers must enjoy grading your essays.

You should be careful about talking with the microscopic organisms in your eyelashes. People will think you are talking to yourself. We used to think people were crazy who talked to themselves, now we just think they are talking on their cell phone. :roll_eyes:

Wow, I’m glad so many people liked this story going by some awesome rep from people and also some good replys. Wheel Rider, yes my teachers love my writing. Thanks again for the rep, I went from 2 points to 25!

How was saddle time comfort during the ride?
One of the challenges for longer rides is learning how to handle (or suffer through) the saddle discomfort.

I had absolutely no saddle discomfort at all! That was thanks to padded bike shorts, bike pants, and regular shorts on top.