My first chance encounter with a unicyclist! All the way from Norway!

Apart from unicycle meet-ups, events or performers I have never come across a unicyclist.
Until last Thursday!

We had a long weekend and my GF and I made a trip to the Nord Pas De Calais region in the North of France.
Objective: hiking / geocaching and visiting some historic sites.
Unicycling was not considered; in fact I made a Muni ride on Wednesday evening “so that I do not have to bring the unicycle along”.

When we arrived at the camping / hotel in Tournehem-sur-la-Hem we walked up to the door of the reception and my GF alerted me: “Look, next to the door!”
As I was so focused on getting to the door I had not even seen it: Just next to the door there was a fully outfitted KH 36”.
On the terrace a man in cycling gear, wearing wrist guards, waiting for the reception to open.

Since we were in France we started a conversation in French but soon we switched to English when we found out the gentleman was from Norway.
We learned he was on a pilgrimage from Norway to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, cycling some 50-60 km per day.
Even longer distances in my own home country, The Netherlands which is very flat and has good cycling infrastructure.
He was already underway for 4 weeks and travelling very light: apart from the luggage you see on the unicycle he was just carrying a small backpack.

We did not talk in detail about where he started but assuming starting at Oslo he’s facing a ride of at least 3200 km according to Google Maps.
Possibly adding up to 1500 km additionally when starting higher up in Norway.
Oh I almost forgot to mention: this one-wheeled gentleman is 70 years old!

I forgot to ask his name and if he’s on this forum, Facebook or keeps an online blog.
But he did mention occasionally meeting up with other unicyclists during his journey so I guess he’s online somewhere.

If you read this: Good luck on the rest of your journey!

Well that is pretty cool! I obviously have no idea who he is because the only other Norwegian based unicyclist I have had any contact with is UniMyra and… uhh… yeah he is not 70! :stuck_out_tongue:

UniMyra, any ideas who this might be?

I checked the “Norwegian” topics before posting and found no “candidates” there :slight_smile:

I did a little Googling for you with certain keywords, like “enhjulssykkel” in combination with “Spania” (or “Santiago de Compostela”) but nothing obvious turned up right away.

That is Hans Howald.

Forum member: hansino


If you have not seen it his Land’s End to John O’Groat video is one of the very best uni videos ever posted. Actually not one of the best but the very best by far!

Facebook covering his current trip:

I hope you asked where his other wheel was.

Well, according to this article (towards the end), he says:

“Lots of people asked me ‘where is your other wheel’ and I would just say ‘I can’t afford it or ‘half the cost double the pleasure.”

So I guess he has that covered… :wink:

I posted this link in another thread (LEJOG thread) a while back, so you may have seen it before.

Here is a link then: hansino

So Switzerland, not Norway. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s him indeed!
Thank you for all this info.

Switzerland: That explains why he also spoke French :slight_smile:
This specific trip started in Norway and it seems we jumped to a conclusion there.

I’ll be following him from now on.