my first 31" si hop

i spent 3 months increasing my 18" si hop to 29"…it has taken me 2 months to increase that another 2", but i still feel very accomplished

Nice work!

I should practice my hops more.


I’ve spent 3 months increasing my hops from 0" to 10". . .

I see a trip to St. Aug in my future. . .

Cool! it looks like joe hodge but lower, you do three prehops like him and they look exactly the same as him:p 31" SI is really good, I’m not even sure if I can do that.

Haha that’s what I was thinking!


haha thanks guys, it really makes me happy to hear that because Joe Hodges is my #1 inspiriation lol

counting: fail

sorry my bad, its three if u count the number of times he left the ground but i count as the number of times ur tyre touches the ground.

so ur still right in saying its 3, i just count pre-hops differently. sorry:o

Yea he does two prehops and then his actual sidehop, not three prehops.

ah yep. thanks for clearing that up, i was just confusing myself:p

yea… and he even has the same stance as Joe…
really good hop. how much is that in cm?

Bold text, top of search results. . .

nice :slight_smile:
you could probably squeeze another inch or two by concentrating on our arm position. you look like your a chicken.

hmm, will definitely take it into consideration…you mean my arm should be more…out?