My first 30 minutes on a uni

Well I got the Nimbus put together last night and then I put it in my trunk for my day at work today. I figured I would sneak out at lunch and get some time on the uni. Today at 11:00 I headed out to the parking lot. I walked over to a nice looking tower with some 3 foot tall metal poles that stick up out of the ashault about every 3 feet. I thought it was great to start some balancing and graduate to pedaling from pole to pole (they stretch about 20 feet).

Within the first ten minutes a bird perched on top of the tower (that I didn’t notice) crapped on me! Then towards the end security came and said they had a report of someone riding around the parking lot dangerously. I replied

“If you mean me trying to balance on this pole, I’m your man! Am I ok to do this?” I proceeded to flash my badge and they said “Sure” and took off.

At the end I was able to pedal one rotation and can balance for about ten seconds without holding anything. I also smacked the heck out of my right shin giving myself some nice puncture marks.


I think most of us have done the shin smacking part. That will stop when you get better.

I can honestly say I have never had a bird do things to me while riding.

Try a tennis court or someplace with a chain link fence to hold onto.

i learned by holding on to a basket ball hoop pole and riding away from it.

Congratulations, hoshnasi, you’re on your way to being a rider. I roundhouse kicked my unicycle Chuck Norris style until it let me ride it. My learning curve was short.

Yep, in the end i found it easier to just go for it!
I taught a friend the other night, after she had got the feel for the uni i told her to mount and just try and ride away - lets just say her 30mins of practice was alot more productive than my first 30mins on my uni!
She made it near 10 meters!

nice. i had a bird crap on me when i was 7. i was just swinging on a swing wet minding my own buisness… bummer.

I learnt by holding onto a dustbin on either side of me, but i wasnt getting very far. So i learnt to free mount before i could actually ride my unicycle. I found this alot better. Congrats on getting into the unicycling scene, keep it up and you will be riding in no time.

Yeah chicks are better then guys at unicycling for some reason. I can’t explain it but they just are. Similiar experience except the girl I was showing how to ride went like 10ft in like 2 minutes. I call it begginer’s luck but still, how come my begginners luck wasn’t that good?

A bird pooped on me while I was riding in San Francisco. I went to the In and Out burger to use the bathroom and cleaned myself off. Very nasty.

I hope it was not a seagull.

Sadly…it was.

What type of nimbus did you get? I wish I had the pleasure of learning on a nice uni. I just bought a nimbus for my second uni which I am loving. I got the Nimbus ISIS Trials.

i learnt by riding between my veranda poles and when i got ok at that i just found a flat areas, mounted and went for it until i could go at least 20-30m, now im trying to get my friend to learn hes gettin his uni in about a week woohoo, now i hav a riding buddy lol

Ya I’m trying to get just about everyone I know to start riding so that I can have people to ride with

i get so bored riding by myself now, i have my own small trials set up but its so boring doing it all the time and no one ever seeing u do it lol
i cant wait for my mate to get his uni and learn to ride
we have plans one day in our summer holidays to ride to this skatepark near my house and show up all the punk skateboarder kids that think they are hardcore lol