my excellent drop vid!

well here she is coulda landed it better and waaaay to many pre-jumps but i couldn’t edit those out so…watcha gonna do? well anyway at that time i didn’t know how important it is to roll out so my ankles were in a lot of pain afterwords. well here it is!

well without further adu!

Awesome! Congradulations

yea that landing didnt look nice atall, I can see that that would have hurt.

Good job!

But here is a tip, when doing drops, and you have plenty of room like that, dont drop, but jump forward, and land straight. This momentum from jumping out instead of just dropping drown, will make it tons easier to roll out.

poor kh… that landing didnt sound great. good drop though, but i agree with jerrick… roll outs are good

Rolling out makes it much harder to land… for me!

thats odd, should make it way easier…


Well its cos you have to change the way you balance from when you take off… as in landing facing a different direction [and trying to roll out] means my weight will be oddly distibuted :thinking: maybe ill practice… and i dout you know what i meant there!

Unless i’m actually doing it right, take a look:

is that music a radio?
Nice drop… anything more than 4 ft is hard.
A bit too much preamble. I like you “Yes!”
Is that in your house?

no i dont get you. but you should learn how to, better for tubes, axle, cranks and everything else.

gratz on the drop keep it up

Haha nice going Jacob! (Thanks for letting me be the first to see it before you posted it here!:D) I think we are about even on drop heights, so now I have to go back and land that 5’3" pallet drop I failed at landing! :sunglasses: Hmm, but I have a feeling you will beat me to it with an even BIGGER drop eh? Anyway congrats on the big drop! :sunglasses:

hey thanks for all the support i didn’t realize how important it was to roll out untill after the drop. no this is not my house this is my youth groups skate prak ( the only indoor skatepark in my town) ,and yes that is the radio in the background.

and ankles!

Jacob, one sure way I found that helps with the roll out, especially if you’re dropping to flat, is to start with a good wide side hop, then transition/twist to forward. When you land it seems (at least to me) much easier to roll out because you have good momentum, and some ppl are better at doing longer [side] hops than forward only. :smiley: