My Dodger 12"

Just telling you what I think of my Uni:

Today I was doing flat on my 12" Uni and I found out how controlled it is. The cranks are really grippy witch is great for me to learn the rolling wrap and wrap mount. The pedals are plastic and not very well designed. The spokes and rim are pretty basic and sturdy. the seat is really really comfy and a nice black with red bumper. the frame is not so spectacular but does the job.
Altogether I rate my unicycle 7/10

plz reply

cool :wink:


thanx smarty

Take it off some 5 foot drops and post vids plz.

yeh I did 2’1" yesterday but I am definetily gonna do bigger drops and my dad is gonna get a youtube account for me coz he says I’m to young :frowning:
there will be videos!!
PS can I do bigger drops if I put SIF when I land??
cheers, uni98:)

Why did you ask your dad? I didn’t…

my dad would have noticed, he goes on youtube a fair bit and on our computer it auto logs in to youtube accounts even if don’t want it to so yaknow:)

It’s no big deal if he does. He’s 10.

Find something like this and glide it. :smiley:

the link won’t let me get in. How do I get in manually??