my crappy movie

I made a really crappy unicycling vid, and yes I know its not good but I would like to get some tips on video editing. The unicycling itself isn’t great, in fact everything I do is cheating cause it’s all on the cranks but we spent more time actually uni ing than filming.

anyways here it is

Interesting song…

Not bad for a first-time video.

it won’t load for me… any way to do it in another format or WMV, even?

Re: my crappy movie

For a first time video, you should be very proud. There’s video that
is interesting, sound and even titles, a great start to a video career.
I will point out that people won’t think what they are going watch is
interesting if you call it a "crappy video’. Be proud of your skills,
both unicycling and video producing - when you are confident, you’re
viewers will tell. But, for some points - do more, lots more!!! Plan
shots, shoot video, edit, play with effects and camera angles and lots
of it!!! The best do it all the time. Good luck.

PS - Put your videos in MPEG - it makes the non-microsoft world happy!

you can direct xine to windows codecs though…

oh yeah, I forgot about the apple users…:stuck_out_tongue: I’ve only used OS8.x

Nice first video! I’ve never tried that hopping on the cranks/axle and taking one foot off…I’ll have to do that sometime.

Seeing this video has given me the confidence to make a video of myself, too! Neat song!

…I wish I had friends that didn’t think unicycling was gay and painful (if it hurts, you’re doing it wrong!)…