My crankflip and 360s need to improve : I have evidence !


Lately i have been working on crankflips and 360 (separately). My problem seems to be a lack of rotation in both cases but i don’t know what to do. I tried to do them over a 4 set in order to have more time in the air and let the revolution achieve but it doesn’t work this way and i broke my seat post with a bad half-crankflip.

Please have a look at these videos, and tell me if i am or not on the good way and if i only have to practice more or if i have to change something in my way of trying. (both videos in a zip file 3.5Mo)

Thank you


On that first attempt I notice you do two main movements with your left arm and the first of them seems to be a bit of a momentum waster. Looks kinda like you’re swimming towards and not decisive enough about the takeoff point and then when you get there you do another arm movement that hasn’t got enough in it to take you all the way.

You’re on about the same level as me for 360s so I’ll be listening out to whatever the pros have to say about your form. Nice bail at the end btw

I can’t see a lot wrong with the 360, except you aren’t projecting over the stairs enough, so half way through you think ‘my wheel needs to be over there’, it gets there and you’re leaning too far back for a stable landing. Try jumping further, don’t aim to land just after the last step, aim to have a foot or 2 of clearance between the last step and where the unicycle lands. Then you can land slightly early if you take off leaning back too much. I can’t get crankflips at all yet, so i’ve got no tips to offer for them :(.


i whish i could 360 or crank flip :frowning:

Could you find another way to say absolutely nothing, LOL.

Mine & munimanpete’s advice is, use your arms for momentum with ur spin, but tuck them into your body to spin faster, at the moment it looks like you’re spinning too slow.

I’ve also heard that if you twist your head, your body will follow (ie whip it around)

Yeah cheers Joe, your advice is super awesome “use your arms for momentum”. Hahaha noob