My city understands me !!!

I was riding in my neighbourhood to find some new spots today.
The mayor did something special to all unicyclists of my town
Here’s what he did for us:

That is totally awesome! He he, Rowlett hates us. (Alex and Matt were filming for the S-DU sequel and got kicked off Main Street by the coppers!)

Z0MG is that for real man?

thats amazing! I wish people around here were cool like that

thats freakin awesome…how many unicyclers are located in your city?

And… because I have never done it before and want to.


hehe awsome!

I don;t have a city:(

Now we realy must meet tomorrow and ride there.
I allready am in the riding mooth.


Wait dude are you serious!!! if thats no photochoped than INSANE!!!

It’s real, and if you don’t believe me, come and see it yourself :slight_smile:
Yes Probailer2, we realy need to meet there tomorrow, thats gonna be THE uni-spot !

We sure need to meet.
How cool would it be to land my first crankflip on that spot :sunglasses:


nice one!

uhm well it doesnt looked photoshoped or at least its well made, so either way THATS AWESOME DUDE!

You sure it is not just an idealised “wheelchair” sign, for disable car users? Looks to be in a wide parking spot. Why would anyone want to “park” a unicycle?
Or is that the only spot in town where you are allowed to ride? :wink:


Woot, finnaly some reconition:D

That is so so cool!


Cool picture, nevertheless.

I’m so tempted to do that in my hometowns parking lot. Either that or 1 that reads no bikes allowed and below it in bright red it will read Or it will be towed away

Could that area be for Segway parking?

There aren’t any Segway’s in town :roll_eyes: so it MUST be for Unicycles.
I’ve mailed to the mayor and he sai there were coming sort of uni-stands on it, but that’s for in summer he said.
I’m extremely proud on that place:D