My callout vid-----JONNY!!!!

OK… jonny boy i am calling you out!!!.. here is my vid…

ps after i watched it i realized i have a lot of 360 uni spins in it…lol


waw you rely look like shaun

I agree, and you copied all his lines! :thinking:

wow im really confused :thinking: :smiley:


Dude,reeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyy sketchy pedal grab at the begining of the first minute. Pretty good vid though. BTW dont copy shauns lines.

Yo man that was a mistake… i fixed it now… just in case it didnt work for you here is the link again…

HA, I’m not going to lie. I liked it. Haha. I love being copied. That’s radical. Thank you. Good vid, I hope to see one out by Johnny shortly. I really hope this call out stuff catches on. haha, I’m still laughing that that was my line. That’s awesome. I know it’s probably annoying to everyone else, but once didn’t hurt anything. laters

-Shaun Johanneson

OHHHH yeah the last line to back it up or slack it up…yeah lol… i thaught they were still talking about me posting the wrong link, cuz i posted your link on my fist post on accident… but now its fixed…

Nice video.
That 1 footed roll out, lol:p
Anyways, Jonny back it up or slack it up :smiley:


i hope jonny sees this thread…lol

awesome. ill hurry my vid now, its almsot done so give me like 48 hrs or less. ill probably go out some night soon,(tonight or tomorrow) maybe with a few friends and film around. anyways yea, ill try to make it about as long as yours.

much love man,

btw jsut saw it, i laughed at the end. and yea i guess ill back it up. i got a bunch of new tricks and awhole bunch of new combos. anyways you rock though man, that was a really really solid video.

i filmed a good bit today. im ready gregory.:slight_smile: but it actually may take me anotehr day cuz of work and cuz i have to reinstall my editing program. but yea its gonna be a pretty clsoe call-out.

so i thought the idea with these call out vids is to copy someones style n stuff or weas that just shaun cos i think it would make everyone better riders if for like a week you tried riding a different style

i dont get why you called out johnny. he has a complete different style than you. but anyways… it was pretttyyyy good. better than your earlier vids by a LONG SHOt:D lol

perrrrty rad.


vid will be done tomorrow after noon at about 2pm or so. i really hope i can get the combos i want. probably will i am me after all. are we gonna havea judging like with a poll, or not?

yeah when your done make a new thread and post links to both movies, with a poll…

Cool video, I especially liked the wheelwalking on that skinny.