My brand new uni (sexy)

got this today :slight_smile:


I freaking love the way the XTP looks, a friend of mine might be getting one soon…

It’s nice but…

Did you get it just because you had the money?

And btw, you seriously need to come to southend on 8th to meet us and ride now! Papers are there too! lol. Go on…

You know that you now need to make a vid of you riding it, dont you?


I think CF comes first… but video would be nice too.

014? A swedish dude has serial nr. 036 :-s

Has koxx messed up with the serial numbers?

I wouldn’t be surprised :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, I don’t know. You’d think that anybody with the need/will to spend money on an xtp would have the pride to be a member of this community; but rct3 is the first I’ve seen :thinking:

very nice!

Maybe they don’t speak English.

Not trying to thread jack, because this seems a relevant question: Does Try-all make a non-drilled purple rim? If they do, I want one. And if so, how do I go about ordering one?

Nice uni! But this should be in Custom Koxx Unicycle thread…but hey, I did the same when I got mine!:stuck_out_tongue:

Really Nice,


It’s not custom though.

I made a thread asking the same question and everyone said,“its crap don’t get it”. So I ended up not getting it, even though it looks awesome

Is that the one of the Unicycle.UK winter sale?
Because those were sold out quickly.
It’s a nice ride, the purple rim looks so cool.

Also, can you make a picture from infront of the wheel.
Wanna see the clearance between the tire and the legs of the frame.

Peter M

Ooooo purdy purple wall rim. :astonished:

Very nice unicycle BTW

thanks for all the comments guys and to answer a few questions. i got this unicycle because i want to trials and a bit of street. the money wasnt really a factor in deciding as id rather just have a uni for one/two purposes!
it was in the sale on

a video of me riding will come in the summer when im alot better!

heres a picture of the clearence between the frame and wheel. its about 5/6mm clear, which is absolutely fine in my opinion

cheers :slight_smile:

How much? :roll_eyes: :o

they had it reduced down 2 £320 seems quite a bargain its back up at 490 now

its probly out of the sale because someone actually bought it…

does anybody no if the try all tire will fit on the nimbus isis 19" uni?
(i didnt want to make a new thread its a pretty noob question)
(ishould realy no lol but i guess im still abit of a noob )