My biggest drop to date made the evening news :)

Well, after a newspapershot of our club with seven riders at the event having only a pic of two of them, 2 of us in the paper for the Terry Fox run, me running behind the uni (i just bailed from a one footer), things finally worked out.

I didn’t measure it, but it is 4+ feet for sure. (I’ll find out for sure though) It was a little trickier than my last ‘biggest drop’ as I had to make sure I cleared the ‘steps’

Anyways, we were doing a show at the Children’s museum, and this drop maded the evening news (although this is not the news video, and is actually a different jump, both looked the same though)

It’s nice seeing yourself on TV acheiving a personal best :slight_smile:

3.4MB quicktime

Nice one, Sofa!

nice work!

We saluuuuute you! (Yes we do)

Dave Lowell (uni57)

“Pick up your balls and load up your cannon
For a twenty-one gun salute”

I’m touched you rememberred :slight_smile:

Thanks, Dave

Nice drop! I did my biggest (pretty much my first actually) drop down stairs yesterday. It was a sidehop down a steep set of 6…great fun, but I can’t imagine how people could even consider doing 13!


nice one, it takes a bunch of courage to do that very first ‘landing on stairs’ drop. a 3" tire adds heaps of courage, mind you.

AWESOME Brian, You can only go bigger from there

Oh Sofa, you’ve made me the proudest mother ever!

wait a second…

Well I still haven’t done one of those yet from any more than about 3 stairs.


go for it! with a 3" tire (I seem to recall your Custom MUni having a 3"r) it’s like landing on a slope…it’s all in your mind

Cool! Yes my muni does have a 3" Gazz. Now I just need to find some stairs.

I have now tried riding down some deeper stairs. It’s a lot easier compared to less steep stairs. You won’t even notice the bumps with a fat tire. And remember to lean forward. Leaning back kills you. Or atleast you end up sitting on the stairs.