my appology to John Drummond (Miyata seats thread)

I wanted to apologize for some wording in my initial response to the new Miyata seat thread.
My use of the word, “obsolete”, was made using poor judgment. I should have consulted John before bringing it to the forum.

John is proud of the fact that runs at their problems head on. They are doing that now as they work on finding a remedy for this situation. John has great business sense and knows how to work his way through the maze of business.

I recommend that others who see fit to comment on a product use good judgment and foresight. I will next time. A call to John Drummond would be a good idea first to get all the facts before responding.

Rightly said. is a valuable resorce for the growth of our sport; however, it is partly our public discource that keeps it from becoming stagnant and allows it to respond to what might otherwise be undetectable sentiment. You would do yourself and the community a disservice by not voicing your concerns. The update date is appreciated. Chill. :smiley: