My 2nd video

Here´s my 2nd video about street and flat riding!
Sorry for my bad english, I´m german. :slight_smile:

Just what I need… another guy that can kick my ass. I love your style man! Very good.

and you complain :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: nice vid, I will watch it in sound when I get the chance

nice man :slight_smile:


That was very good. Keep it up.


wow your pretty darn good!

lol i had a feeling that the varial flip was gunna be in the bails. i was thinking how the varialflip always gets a bail. even from shaun J. as he says. “never varialflip sets - not even with a rail”

great riding all around. that doubleflip down the set was impressive. im just learning how to outflip. great.

This vid was cool. But I don’t really like flatland vids that just show a guy doing a whole bunch of flips one or two after another. This is pretty much just showcasing your skill. But I’d like to see more variety, street lines and flow.

Great riding keep it up:D

shaun said never varielflip sets…one handed. other than that, go for it.

thanks for the complements!
I also think shaun said “never varial-flips sets … one handed”!
But I´m not sure.