My 29er handle

I use a 2 hand grip most of the time when riding the 36 but on the 29 I tend to prefer to ride sitting more upright and using a light touch of one hand just get the “feel of the wheel”.

After trying many configurations, I have ended up with this. It is a standard angled handle with the T cut off and with a squash ball added to the end. The bit underneath is a bracket for a front light.

For general riding it feels like I’m using a joystick and gives me better feedback and more comfortable feel than holding the front of the seat.

However, on longer rides, the squash ball provides enough padding that I can rest one palm on it and rest the other hand on top and take some of the weight off the saddle.

It is all set up so that if the uni falls forward “in the unlikely event of a UPD” then the handle hits the ground first and protects the front light.


Nice job. I would like to see more handle ideas, single and double. I would like to set up a handle on my 27.5 plus but I am limited on ideas. This helps


Kind of looks like a microphone.

Take a look at this dedicated, custom handle thread -

Lots of other threads about handles, too. Worth a search.