my 20" video

You won’t see this very often so watch it now!

i only ride 24" my 20" is my back up, cause i broke my 24". So i hope you enjoy this video.

i do a double crank flip foot plant and a crank flip grind, along with some other stuff.

justin- (its the last video at the bottom “new vid”

unibrow=justinkozy? I didn’t know that. :slight_smile: Nice video!

Maybe I’m just used to seeing you on a 24" only, but for some reason the 20" did look really small for you. d-: weird…

either way, that was some very impressive riding. I need to start working on crankflips some more, those look like fun.
I also really like the style of your movie, it was kinda different than normal with slow motion and all that. it was very interesting.

how the hell did you do a crank flip grind…genius! I cant even crank flip :angry:

The riding and editing were great, and the music was a welcome change…I thought it was very fitting. Awesome video.


very nice


thx alot, im gunna start crank flippin on the 24" when my cranks come in. So you’ll see some more videos soon.


Excellent video! Nice skills, nice video editing!

Dude very awsome riding, ive always enjoyed watching your videos… and the first foot plant was very smooth and awesome.


Nice vid Justin.

The footplant double flip was really nice.


I enjoyed the crankflip grind the most. Something I need to learn.

For only riding a 24" you’re pretty damn good at the 20".

ha thanks,

keep’em comin guys


That was a nice bit of riding. Keep up the good work and keep posting your vids. :sunglasses:

I’m definately one of your biggest fans.
It was weird to see you fall on some attempts - I didn’t know you missed.
After seeing what you did with the trash box in the previous video, I am forever in awe (and inspired to learn how to hop better).

Keep the vids coming!

Great video Justin, the editing and the music really complemented the top notch riding…

very nice vid!
how long did it take for u to learn the crank flip? and how high do u need to jump?
it looks pretty hard, but i wanna learn it!

the crank flip took me so long to learn, like 3 months. I just kept doing it when ever i had free time or inbetween rides. One day i just nailed it. Then 10 minutes later i did it down a 2 sewt, then the next week a crank flip stall, then a crank flip grind.