"Mustache Vigilante" (not unicycling related)

if youre interested…

A buddy and myself entered a small film contest at www.directorschaircontest.com (probably wont be there to vote for till monday)

this is the video we entered, im currently in the process of making a longer version, but the rules for the contest said it can only be 15 seconds.

anyways thought i would share



Cool liked the coloring, how did you make it look like you were being shot at, with the dirt flying up.

I saw it on facebook. How did you make the bullet effects? (on the car, and in the ground)

Adobe Aftereffects…and magic

Is that what you use for all of your videos. I have the whole adobe package but no computer powerful enough to run it. But from what I can see, it looks pretty cool.

mostly that and final cut pro.

Visonlab Studio from Effects lab has that easily, and detailed a lot more too, like, theres a huge amount of control in the things you use.

edit: good video though, great job!

its not hard to make that stuff in after effects. Its all controlled by particles.

CCparticles children, learn them well. The ideas for it to look cheezy, i think it was accomplished :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, the longer version is almost complete…!

Cool, I like the effects on it! Pretty clever lol

were on the site now,

if you would like to vote for us then go too www.directorschaircontest.com


It would be fun to see some special effects in unicycle videos.
Gunshots would go well with hopping :slight_smile:

www.videocopilot.net is where you can go to learn all those fancy effects with Adobe After Effects.

those fancy effects on video copilot, you either have to buy his action essenticals kit (or bittorent it), OR, creat it all yourself. Once you have after effects its so much easier just to create what you need.

Its good to use all of the tools you can when compiling a project together.

I created the muzzle flashes in Photoshop and illustrator, as for the smoke afterwards it was just some stock footage i came across awhile ago.

Bullet holes - photoshop/ illustrator.

All of the stuff that he has for sale, he made in afte effects and other programs. Its really just to save you time or if you cant make them.

Video Copilot is a great starting point, but if your looking for more then try lynda.com

guys, vote!