Müsli Vid

We made a video
hope you enjoy
pleas comment

lg ludwig

This video deserves more reply’s! Loved the riding & musc. Great video!

nice vid, nice job keeping those hops low on some of the street lines.

Yeah, and many others do to!:slight_smile:

Excellent riding, and cool music! Must be nice having so many buds to ride with that are all so good! Oh, and I want some of that cereal!:stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean with that? i am not so good at english :(^^

thx for your comments


Oh dear… You’ve gave me sudden cravings for cookie crisp

Yes that’s why we made this vid :wink:

He means that you didn’t hop much before or after you did most of your tricks. (hope that’s easier)

I liked the vid. A nice variety of skills.

ah i see
i have guessed he means something like that :smiley:



Great riding and editing, really enjoyable.