i couldnt get the music on the vid so here it is with out the music :astonished: . Enjoy!!!:smiley:

your getting better

I listened to my own music and that made it better:p

keep it up!

You don’t need so much text…We know it’s your “Uni Vid” you don’t need to tell us. And you say that your unicycling at “Jon’s” house…as if we all know who jon is. Don’t say where your riding every time the setting changes. The clips in the beginning and at the end looked the same. Just put the footage in the video and let us watch w/out getting interupted by annoying text every 20 seconds. Also, don’t put 2 minutes of “Bloopers” in either. We saw all those clips already, we don’t need to see them all again w/ you making a mistake. There were more "bloopers"than there was successful clips. Find out how to get the music working too before showing us a 4 minute video.

doesnt work for me

can ya’ be more bitchy?

dont go bashing so much.

i didnt think it was half bad, in my opinion. Nice hitting that 19’’.


I said it so next time his video is better. I’m sorry if I sounded so mean. I did watch it all the way through so it had to have been good.

thanx, but i see his comment as constructive and so here is my new and improved video courtesy of MAG, lol :smiley:

thats cuz i had taken it off to re do it but it is working now