music while riding

Just wondering if you all listen to music, headphones or otherwise, while you’re riding. I know this topic has been discussed before but not for a while now. If you do listen, what type do you listen to? Any particular song you start off with or is it just a random selection? Before anyone posts about the safety issues come up I’ve heard them and have thought about it at great length so thanks for the concern but please don’t. I only ride Coker but am wondering about all types of riding. Later.


Well i start by listening to DJ Micro - Inside of me to build up my energy and then just start listening to Trance/dance/euphoric music afterwards. :smiley:

Also welcome to the forums aj23. If you require assistance/help with unicycling or whatever it may. Don’t hesitate to ask me or any of the friendly people of this forum. :smiley:

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Well i posted a thread similar to this a little while back…but in reply to your post i listen to (at the moment) the top 100 techno songs vol.11(torrent them)…just a few fast songs that get your adrenilan (spelt Wrong) …, and you feel like on top of the world…It helps me when i ride because it gets rid of distractions…(or i think so)

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when i ride trials, i dont, because i like to hear what is going on around me, since hearing has a lot to do with balance. i have a couple times, and i might more now because i’ve found that if it is super quite, it doesnt effect my ridin, but it helps get me pupmed:p . i do when i do just flat tricks though, because i find that it doesnt effect my balance as much.

is that AJ i met at BUC ??
the best music to get me ready to ride is any of the soundtrack for defect or som light punk xD

I do not listen to music. I want to hear what is going around me, especially when I ride around the neighborhood on my 29er. I want to hear cars coming up behind me or kids or dogs that might be chasing me. Also, I want to hear when people speak to me as I ride.

When I’m riding the trails in the local forests, then I don’t listen to anything, mainly because I like to here if another bike is approaching me from behind.
If I were listening to my miniature music machine I’d be blissfully unaware of the unladylike epithets issuing forth from a frustrated mountain b*ker behind me.
Just a common courtesy.

When I’m at the beach on the other hand, well, the path there is around ten metres wide, so I can blast the Foo Fighters at full volume with no fear of irate cyclists getting stuck behind the fella on one wheel.

i really dont listen to music.
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again if you need anything yuo can ask anyone.

Well, seeing how all my music on my comp is music that I like, and gladly listen to, I just pick randomly. So some days its metal, some days its rock, trance/techno, hip-hop, classical, ambient, blues, jazz, and a lot of other styles.

I just scroll through my list, find a band I haven’t listened to in a while, and load up a few of their albums onto my player and im out the door.

Most of my riding is either commuting or touring. Either way, I almost always listen to music.

The play list is a bit more aggressive than what I might listen to in the evening, but I find that helps get the blood flowing, the muscles pumping and the wheel turning. Typical favourites for riding around London are Green Day, Beastie Boys and The Grates.

Due to the amount of jewellry in my left ear, I only have my headphone sitting in my right ear. It’s loud enough that I can hear the music well, but I can always hear the traffic, and most of what people call out to me.


i listen to a wide variety of stuff - thankfully my ipod is loaded with many songs of many types so i just usually put it on shuffle and get a good selection that gets me pumped up and feeling alive when i ride.
My main choice is punk-rock, but i also have Superheist, Foo Fighters, 28 Days, Hilltop, 1200 Techniques, Linkin Park, Grinspoon, Fast Crew, Ballpoint and After the Fall… to name a few:D

My NAUCC 2007 10k playlist:

Deadly Sinners - 3 inches of blood
Bloodletting - Burn The Priest
Hate Crew Deathroll - Children of Bodom
Needled 24/7 - Children of Bodom
Coffin Fodder - Cradle of Filth
Die MF Die - Dope
Weenie Beenie - Foo Fighters
Wattershed - Foo Fighters
Guerrilla Radio - Rage Against the Machine
Fuck the Police - Rage Against the Machine
Sleep Now in the Fire - Rage Against the Machine
Take the Power Back - Rage Against the Machine
Testify - Rage Against the Machine
Opium of the People - Slipknot
(Sic) - Slipknot
Start a War - Static-X
Deer Dance - System of a Down
Suite-Pee - System of a Down
This Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I’m On This Song - System of a Down
Vicinity of Obscenity - System of a Down
War? - System of a Down

basically all extremely energetic songs 2 keep me going fast throught the whole race. worked 2:p lol.

I usually have 1 earbud in and am listening to an ipod.

What music really depends on how I’m feeling.

Trance is usually good though.

peleschramm–i like yur music:) …thats good stuff! :sunglasses:

I listen to 4’33" by John Cage. I have it on infinite repeat. On careful listening you can pick out new things in the music and performance every time. The music gives me an awareness that keeps every ride interesting.


If doing trials or MUni I never listen to music. Just too dangerous. One you can’t hear what is going on around you and two the earphone wire always gets caught on something! When I am communing or doing road rides or cross country then I like to listen to music. “On the Road Again” by Willie or “Passion Rules the Game” by the Scorpions are always good starters!


I listen to a variaty of music when I ride from things such as E Nomine (trance german/latin vocals) to Demon Hunter (Christian Heavy Metal). But to get me started I listen to Hilltop’s “What A Great Night”. Started listening to that after it was in one of The.Mars.Volta’s vids.

thanks for the warm welcome

You all have given me a lot of new music to go and check out. I’m not new to the forums and have been riding Coker since 1999. Unless I’m riding with someone else I always ride with music. I honestly feel more in balance and more in tune with the wheel when the music is going. I listen to anything from Frank Sinatra to Sam Cooke to Otis Redding to System of a Down to Metallica to Linkin Park to Elvis Presley and anything in between. Have a good day everyone. Later.


I always listen to music when riding. I actually just got a nano for this purpose. On cross country type trips or leisurely rides I usually listen to some classical. For trials and street I like Marylin Manson, insane clown posse and their entire group, the blue scholars, eminem, cryptic one, Aesop rock, slip knot, the futuristic sex robots, hilltop hoods and the moldy peaches just to name a few.

I always ride my Coker and I always listen to music. It gives me a lot of motivation. Some favorites, SR71, Green Day, Seether, Breaking Benjamin, Trapt, Everlast, shinedown, hinder, seven dust, silver chair, staind, seven mary 3, all of these will get your blood pumpin!