music rights for movies

does anyone know anyone who knows about legal music rights for movies that are made for retail sale?

or would anyone know about any cool royalty free music that i could possibly use in the genre of punk/metal?

and if i were to use music i didnt have pemission for what could or would be the consequences?


ooh i want to know too :slight_smile: i need some help with that for the NZ uni movies…ive emaild local bands but heard nothin

Looks to me like basically you’ve got no hope of getting permission from bands who are signed. I’ve emailed a few bands who said that it was fine with them but they don’t have the rights.

Luckily I found Si (

I don’t think it’s worth the risk putting music on without permission, especially when you’re getting and Manly Cycles involved.


Really it wouldn’t be the distributors fault, all he would be doing is putting himself at risk.

If you put on signed music without permission, the worst case scenario is all copies have to be deleted, no sales are allowed and everyone involved in selling it sued by record companies.

What would likely happen to you directly is you’d be made to stop selling the dvd and delete all the copies.

However, if companies are involved in selling the dvd, then they might get sued, because they’d be worth suing.

If you want rights for things that are signed on small labels, or labels that are based near you, it’s worth phoning the label and asking. If you can’t get through on the phone, write a nice letter asking. Don’t bother emailing, people in the music will mostly totally ignore emails.

Be clear that you’re enthusiasts as opposed to some big video making company, or else they’ll want loads of money.



A great punk/screamo band, Alexisonfire, is still independent, i think. They are amazing guys too. Email them and ask them about it:

What if you were to sell your movies just for the price it cost to make the movie? So you make no profit. Basically you’re just distributing the DVD’s, but the consumer’s are paying to have them made.
Wouldn’t that be legal?


No, it wouldn’t be legal. Napster made no money back in the day, and they got sued. It is illegal to reproduce or distribute copyright material, period. It sucks sometimes, but that’s how it is.

Makes no difference. As record companies see it, every copy of the song you give away is a copy of the song they don’t sell. Which obviously isn’t true, but doesn’t stop them getting nasty with lawyers.


How likely do you think it is that they’ll prosecute me if I don’t make a profit?

Perhaps I could just find some garage band without an agent on the internet, and use their music. Actually, I know of one, but the music isn’t quite right.

Free Music

I have a few bands whose music you can use.

If you like Ska/Punk, might satisfy you. The songs are low quality recordings though.

If you like Pop/Punk/Emo/Rock, is definitely worth checking out. I just set up the page today, so it wont be ready for downloads for 2 more days. Very high quality recording, very tight and catchy.

Download as much or as little as you want and use it wherever you want. They’re all mine and I give you permission.

For information on music copyrights / laws, see:

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

  • and -

Broadcast Music, Incorporated (BMI)

Re: music rights for movies

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004 05:35:58 -0500, “joemarshall” wrote:

>As record companies see it, every copy of the song
>you give away is a copy of the song they don’t sell. Which obviously
>isn’t true

Isn’t true? Obviously that IS true. Which is not to say though that
they would’ve sold one more if you hadn’t given it away.

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