Mush's Unicycling Videos

Hey! I’m new to the forums and I will like to introduce myself by sharing my unicycle videos. I own a random unbranded 20" unicycle, I’m only 15 and I live in Hong Kong, I like distance unicycling.

Yeah, I did 1 bunnyhop across a flattened drink carton and make a big deal out of it:

Just riding along isn’t too entertaining for a video (I only watched the first one and skipped through the others).

A saw interesting bits though. I bet if you made the terrain a bit more interesting (weaving in/out of people, parked cars, poles, etc), some personality or comical bits or small story, then linking the sections together well w/ some good music for a total of 3 min (pref less than more), could be quite entertaining. I’ve seen it done before.

P.S. generally avoid slow-mo, and definitely not multiple times of one shot.