Munifest Question

For those of you who went to Munifest, what is the right wheel size to take to the event? Is a 24" or a 29" better, or for that matter a 20", 26" or 36"?

I am sure there are some people who show up with one of each–but for normal people…what is the best one to bring?


I haven’t been to the event so I guess you aren’t asking me but from everything I’ve read and seen about moab, 24" seems to be the most common. Though a lot of people take trials unis to mess around on the rocks and the skate park.

The predominant size is 24x3". There are some 24s with smaller tires (including mine) and a good number of trials unicycles. I saw one 16", a smattering of 26", and one 29er (Jim Roberts).

I did all trails on a 19" trials uni.

Mainly on Sundays ride, I could really feel the rocks and bumbs nd it was a pretty harsh (but fun!) ride going up and down.

Having a 24 would of rolled up and over al ot of the rocks and ledges I had to really crank to keep rolling over the sections.

24" definitly. Although if you don’t want to hop on rocks, do drops, and stuff like that, more of XC kind of riding, a 26" would be great too.

I braught a 24in and a 19in trials. I only used the trials at the skatepark and when I broke my 24in. If I had to choose just one I would 100percent go with the 24in…

if your big enough, a 26 by 3" muni would be best.

24 by 3’s I’d say second best.

trials unis work, but boy do you have ot do alot of pedaling.

On the longish Slickrock trail of 15 riders, 14 were 24"s and one was a 26". We started with 18 but one had mechanical problems and two were on 20"s and turned back thinking it would be too long for 20"ers.

I would recommend going 24, or 26. Both are equally suitable for the trails, it just depends on what you enjoy more. There were many times when I wished I had a 24, but there were just as many where I was extremely happy to have the larger wheel. I think if I had a larger tire and/or rim I would have been even happier with my choice of a 26er.

Another good thing to think about is whether or not you have a brake. I think if you have a brake it will certainly be an asset, its not really needed but there were certainly plenty of people with them and I definatly would have been happy to have one.

Lastly another big deal is what size cranks you have. The length of cranks you have is just as important as what size wheel you have. The length of cranks you have on a 20 inch are obviously going to be different than the ones you have on your muni, so you really need to think about it.

Really though Moab isn’t that bad so whatever you use on the trails normaly should be fine for Moab, maybe toss on some longer cranks if needed, but really you should just ride what feels good for you.

This was my 4th Munifest and i have done every year on a 20". sure its a little tough but i have no problem doing slick rock and the other trails on a 20". Now having said that doesn’t mean that i didn’t wish that i had a 24" a few times.