Municycle in the Ridgecrest Desert Classic

Hello, I have not posted here before but have enjoyed reading everyone else’s posts about their unicycle journeys.

In Ridgecrest California we’ve got a small group of unicyclist that ride both on the trails and on the roads. Once a year, with the exception of 2020, there has been a mountain bike event here, and in 2019 they added a unicycle category in which five of us participated in a short course, and three rode the long professional course.

Please check out the event for this year. There is going to be a unicycle class specifically, as well as a short course for any kids. Consider coming for the weekend. We can put together a road ride here at the foot of the Sierra Nevada’s for either Friday morning or Sunday morning.


I know it’s a couple hours away, but I wanna make sure your group is aware of Cali Muni Weekend, taking place in North Lake Tahoe on 9/25 as long as the Mosquito fire doesn’t throw a wrench in the works. Unicycling Society of America - California Muni Weekend 2022

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Thanks for the message about that event. I lived in Southlake Tahoe for a few years and I’m familiar with all of those trails. They’re great trails and I think anybody who can make it will have a good time. Unfortunately for our group we each have prior engagements next weekend.

For others just reading the comments about our event in Ridgecrest, The last two times they held the event they had unicyclists participating. In 2019 Ben Soja came out with three others and joined us. He rode the long expert course and did better than many of the mountain bikers! (That guy was super impressive riding a 29er with a Schlumpf hub) Most of the Ridgecrest locals will be doing the shorter classic loop which we ride rather often. It is a nice combination of single track, technical, downhill, and jeep trails, all with wonderful views of the southern end of the Sierra Nevada’s.

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Glad to hear you knew about it. I’ll toss this link to the event organizers in case someone who’s going wants to join you for this race.