[MUni] what tire matches GAzz 2.6 diameter?


I had to recently take off my Gazz 24 x 3.0 tire and substitute the Gazz 24 x 2.6.

Does anyone know if there is a 3.0 tire on the market that has the same diameter or radius as the Gazz 24 x 2.6?

Just curious, but why is it you took off the 3.0? that may help others suggest tires, and I know it would help me.


I removed the 3.0 tire as part of an effort to reduce the bend in the knees at the top of the pedal rotation. I have a range of motion injury that is agravated by 170mm cranks.

In an effort to help my knees along, I shortened the cranks and went with a smaller diameter tire. The result was less of a bend at the top of the stroke and I could raise my seat higher. The percentage of torque converting from 170mm cranks to 158mm cranks and substituting the 2.6 remained nearly equal doing this.

I put my question out there in hopes of getting a tire that was as wide as a 3.0, but kept the diameter near the 2.6 so that I could keep the same percentage of crank length to diameter.

Thanks for asking and I hope this is clear enough to help.

A fatter tire is going to mean taller sidewalls and a larger rolling diameter. You can’t get the fatness in the tire without making the sidewalls taller. What you can try is using a wider rim. A w-i-d-e rim like the Avro Zum Eliminator will flatten out the tire and give you less rolling diameter. You could try a 2.6 or 2.7 tire on the Avro rim and get some of the fat tire benefits without increasing the rolling diameter of the tire too much.

It would be interesting to see how a 2.6" tire would fit on the Avro rim. I’m not sure what the recommended minimum tire width would be for the Avro rim.

The following two links have loads of tire measurements


Is the AVro Zum eliminator rim compatible with brakes?

Yes, it’s what is on many of the KH 24’s. Unicycle.com should have the Avro.