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ridetriton muni team trip 2013, part 1 of three

ridetriton muni team trip 2013, part II

Rocciamelone, Piermont, Alps

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How many years of experience would you guys say it will take a person who just stated unicycling to perform at the level at which guys on the video perform? A year? Two?

Nice video, sustained downhills with hairpins, very fun stuff!

Most riders will never achieve that level of riding, some rare individuals (naturals) could do it in a year, others take years, it really depends on the person.

If it helps you to understand, say that 1000 people try to uni, maybe fifty will actually learn it well enough to get back and forth on the street, half of those will learn some advanced skills (idling, mounting, riding off curbs), half of those will take those skills to the trails, half of those will do advanced riding, and half of those will do extreme riding :slight_smile:

So three to four out of every thousand people who try to learn uni, will advance to the point that they can ride like the folks in that video. I have taught maybe a hundred people to ride, but other than me and my son, I have not had any of my students progress to the extreme level.

I’m just getting there myself after five years of regular riding and Jogi is still a better rider than me. Unicycling is very humbling, so hard that at times it seems impossible, and yet we can still do it :slight_smile:

I don’t speak German, but hopefully you’ll get the message … Es ist inspirierend zu versuchen, meine Einrad Helden nacheifern, und Sie sind jetzt auf meiner Liste. Nizza fahren! Nice riding!

thanx munifriends:)

Thanks for the perspective, Ben. I suddenly feel a LOT better about how far I’ve come since I got my uni. :slight_smile:

the last part of team trip video 2013

cheers jogi

and silvester trip :smiley:

Nice, too bad youtube cut the sound :frowning:

I’d call that very advanced riding, not quite extreme, but for this level 3.125/1000 sounds about right.

If they were charging down the hill, jumping off the ledges, tweekimg it in the air, and/or the terrain knarlier, I’d call it extreme. (like Turtle, the Van Uni group, & From The Woods) For that level or more I’d think it’d be more like 0.5/1000.

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