Muni Trails in Munich

Do you know good trails for Muni in Munich? I would be very happy if you could tell me a few trails…

If you happen to live in Munich as well, I am happy to ride morbidly together, if you like!

Falls ihr gute Trails zum Einradfahren in München ausprobiert oder von welchen gehört habt, freue ich mich sehr!
Bist du zufällig auch in München? Wenn du mal mit mir fahren magst, gerne…

Hi Anne. I know no trails in Munich, but have a few advices for you.
First, maybe your request would be better located in the German Category if you can contribute in German. There are a few users, that only watch the German Category. (If you are interested, I could move your topic over there.) For muni in Munich there have been some threads yet, maybe you can find some information there: Search results for 'muni münchen category:36' -
Last, I’d advice you to contact some locals:

Many of them haven’t been online for a while but they should receive an email if you write them a personal message.

Danke Eric!
Gerne kannst du den Beitrag zu der Deutschen Kategorie verschieben.
Die Kontakte sind sehr hilfreich, vielen Dank!!!

ist somit geschehen