Muni Trail Suggestions in New England?

Hi All!

First post here in over 10 years! I used to frequent these forums as a novice, adolescent street unicyclist. Seeing that logo again brings back a flood of good memories :slight_smile:

I’m pretty into downhill and cross-country mountain biking and a mountain unicycling video popped up in my suggestions the other day… Fast forward a week and I’ve got the bug again. My Nimbus 27.5 Green Monster came in the mail on Tuesday and thanks to the miracle of muscle memory, I’ve been crushing XC trails every day since. I’ve progressed a lot in just a short week and I’m ready to push my limits, so I’m looking for cool places to ride!

I’ve been riding Harold Parker State Forest in Andover, MA. Much of it is very very muni-friendly: the easy trails have lots of somewhat smooth single track with technical climbs and descents peppered in. However, the more advanced stuff is more technical all around, meaning lots of technical ascents which seem impossible on a uni (at least at my skill level). This means lots of walking uphill, riding a line, then walking again. Not so bad, but not ideal.

Does anyone have any suggestions for good muni in New England? Milestone Trails (Barre, VT) looks good–some North Shore style features like Ryan Kremsater rides in those epic videos. Also, does anyone do downhill mountain bike parks on their muni? Other suggestions? Thanks!

Lynn woods has some of the kind of technical sections you describe, yet also has more cruise-y fire roads and sections of more amenable singletrack. It also has the nice bonus that cycling is generally allowed.

Town forests all over the place often have some nice terrain, but cycling may or may not be allowed - or it’s allowed on the fire roads but not on much of the singletrack. Anyway persistent exploration is a good strategy.

You can check out

But be careful, we are so much slower than bikes, and bikers (fairly enough) don’t expect to roll up on such slow things in a bike park.

Thanks for the suggestions! Lynn woods isn’t too far from me. I’ll have to check that out.

I actually ride Highland almost every week! Haven’t tackled it on a uni… but I think I have a good idea of which trails would be safe to ride. “Safe” in terms of not being demolished by bikers that is. Demolishing myself is a different story.

Have you ridden there before? Would be some nice peace of mind knowing I’m not the first.

There’s also Kingdom Trails in VT (near St Johnsbury), and I’ve heard from Casey Pappalardo that the Jay Peak Area has some nice trails, though that might be a bit north for you.

I haven’t hit Highlands on my uni yet (which is a shame, because my parents live 30min from there… It’s where I learned to snowboard!) but I hit trails at Franklin Falls Dam sometimes when I’m visiting (free and convenient).

Fox State Park (I think that was the name) had some nice trails a while back, but I haven’t been there in over 10 years, and I was still a novice back then.

If you can take a long weekend, Mont Tremblant in Quebec has some great trails, and is where the muni portions of Unicon 17 were held :slight_smile:

I’ve had my eye on Kingdom Trails for a while. In fact I think I’ll make a pilgrimage there later this year and bring both the mt. bike and the uni.

Highland is intimidating, and after riding steeper stuff this weekend I’m pretty sure I need a disc brake to tackle it. But that might be just the confidence booster needed. That said… you first

I rode Ward Reservation in Andover, MA twice this weekend (which connects with the Bay Circuit Trail, a 200 mile trek circling Boston). This was by far my best ride yet! The park offers about 10 miles of trails situated between two big hills, so there are extended downhill sections. Nothing crazy technical but considering the amount of climbs, I found it a perfect balance. At the bottom there’s a long wooden feature with tight twists and turns leading to a lookout point over a small pond, making for a cool end to your ride. Hope that’s helpful for any other riders in the area!

The easy trails at Highland are doable w/o a brake, but pretty hard; I can survive about 1 run. But I’m really old.

A fave of mine is Great Brook in Carlisle. Lots of easy stuff; rather a bit of hard stuff too, and usually a million ways to get around the challenges. Lately I’ve been biking it more than uni cycling it, but there is something there for everyone.