MUNI Trail Event, August '10, Switzerland

Hello anyone,

there will be a MUNI Trail Event in August 2010 in Switzerland.

The german speaking community tried to accomplish a participation at the GrischaTrail Ride (translated by Google) but we got dismissed (well, maybe they thought we’re joking about the one wheel thing …).

Now we’re setting up our own Event, just for Municyclists.
It’ll be similar to the GrischaTrail Event and also at the same date (19.-22. August 2010).
The event in short:

  • 3 days pure municycling in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland (Davos, Lenzerheide).
  • there will be teams of 2-5 people who’ll muni from one city to another and try to make as much heightmeters as possible, find the best trails, use trains and aerial railways to reach the trails wanted and enjoying the landscape as much as possible. The name of the cities will be given out at the evening before the ride and the team has to plan the route they want to ride.
  • Each team will get a GPS which records the driven trails.
  • there will be an award system for each trail, heightmeters, used trains, etc. and the team with the most points will win the “race”.

Since we’re setting up the event on our own now, anyone is welcome to join the fun!
Participation prize will be around CHF 215 (around 170 EUR) and includes the following:
• Riders-Briefing
• aerial railway tickets
• transport of baggages
• Transfer Lenzerheide – Davos
• Advice in tour strategy
• food on the way
• 1 set of maps / team
• 1 GPS / team
• corporate dinner at the last evening
• fun, fun and also fun

What is important?
You have to have a casualty and accident insurancy!

Like said before, anyone is welcome!

To participate, pls send a message to turtle (the one with those awsome MUNI-riding-pics) via mail: m.buechel[at] and include your name, adress and date of birth.
Turtle is also the main promoter of this event.

Cheers and safe riding!


I hope we see you there! :smiley: