Muni track from Hell -- Venezuela


There’s a slew of oh-my-God steep, limestone trails following long (many miles) ridges just above my wife’s hometown of Valencia, Venezuela. I’ve hiked these trails for years and recently found about a dozen that would be ultimate Muni runs, right at the human limit. If I can ever figure out how the Devil to post pics on a thread (the Gallery is impossible for me) I’ll post away. This is some crazy shizat!


send me the pics and I’ll get busy wit it

I’ll send them on CHanginglinks

I’m itching to see it. If it’s crazily steep and technical compared to Santa Barbara terrain it has to be good! :slight_smile:


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You shouldn’t have shown me these…now I’ll have to visit Venezuela too. :wink:

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That looks like a muni paradise! Looks really grippy, and sooo technical, thanks for sharing.


The sickest I’ve seen is the Vortex in Florida. I could not find pictures to do it justice, but there are a few pics and writeups here here and here

Like one post mentioned, some of the drops could not be ridden. One must “launch” and hope to start peddling near the bottom. There were lots of lines that were only 50 feet tall or so, but extremely steep (and smooth).
The pictures above (Valencia, Venezuela) are more techinical but, my guess is that the Florida drops are “faster.”

I’ve been exploring the mountains of Valencia with Google Earth. :slight_smile: Very tempting to visit.

John, that is some crazy stuff!!

Yesterday 7 of us bay area riders went to Northstar and rode the ski-lifts up and muni’d down. Some of the double-black diamonds there are insane! They rival the stuff at Santa Barbara.


Andrew, thanks for posting those pics for me.

Corbin, that sounds great. We went for 3 hours in Santa Barbara then Eyal’s car broke down when we shuttled back to the top of the mountain to get our cars. Not nearly so hot as last weekend.

Changinglinks, you’re right. the trails in Valencia are super techincal and slow going. Get going fast and you’ll die. But there are other steep dirt trails that go upwards of 50 degrees, and those would be fast by any measure. I’ll get some more pics next time.

Great thing about the really grim trails in Valencia is they are mostly limestone, no loose stuff, so real technical steep runs are possible. That rock grips like a vice.

Some day soon . . .