Muni Story in fitness magazine

More exposure for Muni and trials :slight_smile:


DUDE! you can ride down steps?? How do you learn it? start on a few and do more, or just go for it??

Cool pic by the way! hopefully that should pull in some more people keen to learn. Keep up the advertising :slight_smile:

Great article! Its nice to see Muni getting such positive publicity.

Advice on riding down steps:

Start out by riding off a shallow curb, maybe an inch or so high. Fide progressively higher curbs to ride off until you can happily ride off an 8 inch curb.

Next find a few small steps to ride down.
Ideally find somewhere with just two steps. The shallower the better to begin with. Once you can go down one shallow step you should be able to ride a bunch in a row if the steps are wide enough to get your balance in between. As you get better the steps won’t need to be wide or shallow.

Some parks have a huge range of steps of all shapes and sizes. These places are like gold when first learning to descend stairs and steps.

A couple of safety pointers:
-Always make sure you have a good runout at the bottom of the steps
-Always wear safety gear if attempting something you aren’t profficient at yet which has high consequences of failure.

For example if I’m going to attempt a steep 50 stair descent I will wear a helmet and body armour. If I’m playing around on a short flight of 4 stairs I probably wouldn’t bother because I know I can ride that easily without bailing.

Like Peter says, you definitely want to start with a curb, then two steps, then three, etc…

A Gazz 3.0 helps tremendously too.

The cool thing is that with proper orientation to stairs and a forgiving tire, stairs are relatively easy to ride.


Nice job, Joe!

Ok, thanks you guys! I can do curbs easily, and 2-3 steps with nice wide bits in between. I guess I’ll have to find some other steps to practice on.